Daily Limit: Media wheels churning


Mike Suchan

New Elite Harvey Horne is more excited to get the season under way after a media session at the JM studio in Little Rock.

Harvey Horne spun slowly, capturing the hubbub behind him for an Instagram video. As he recorded a number of B.A.S.S media members, he summed up the situation well: “This is where all the magic happens. These are the people who are going to make us famous … ”

Horne, who had driven down from Bella Vista in the northwest corner of Arkansas to the JM Associates studio in Little Rock, paused momentarily. He witnessed the lights, cameras and action as the TV production arm of B.A.S.S. got in full swing for a week of angler visits.

As one of the many new pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Horne is hopeful he’ll be among those who make their mark on the tour. And he knows the task at hand. Horne finished his 29-second video with a mission statement that’s been true since Ray Scott began holding winner-take-all events some 50 years ago.

“… All we have to do is catch the fish,” he said.

In the past half century, competitive bass fishing has changed from stem to stern. It’s evolved once again. One of the only constants is that those who consistently catch bass rise to the top, but there is more, and the media push is part of that.

Workin’ at the car wash

To help make sure the new faces go places, B.A.S.S. invited a group of anglers to go through what’s called a “car wash.” For TV and internet, each of the anglers present posed and performed in front of a variety of cameras. They spoke with every B.A.S.S. media channel on-site.

Editor's note: See studio photos.

The TV team of Mark Zona, Davy Hite, Dave Mercer and Tommy Sanders were on hand, taping segments for shows and the website. The tripling of TV air time on ESPN’s networks and new partner Pursuit Channel were discussed (Editor's note: More on TV expansion) as well as adding Day 1 coverage of Bassmaster LIVE.

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