Daily Limit: Lindner among greatest teachers

When the greatest teachers of fishing are discussed, Ron Lindner’s name comes up — he even created an algebraic equation on fishing success.

His passing at 86 in December came months after he earned yet another distinction, an induction into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame (BFHOF). Along with designing lures like the Lindy Rig, Ron and brother, Al, created a media empire in the In-Fisherman network, with TV, radio and print platforms.

Helping others learn to improve their fishing, the brothers even came up with the equation F+L+P = S (Fish + Location + Presentation = Success). Lindner, who competed in B.A.S.S. tournaments and taught techniques for northern bass fisheries, was co-author of 10 books and holds numerous patents.

“Ron will always be known as a teacher of fishing — he truly made us all better anglers for so many decades,” TV host Mark Zona said.

Bassmaster Elite Series emcee Dave Mercer said Linder was an incredible man.

“Not just on the water but in so many other ways. Not only was he a pioneer and an innovator, but his unmatched passion and love for the sport was awe-inspiring,” Mercer said. “Our relationship started when I was a little kid sitting on the living room floor looking up at him on TV and dreaming.

“But even years later when I was lucky enough to get to know him personally, it never changed. I still looked up to him, but with greater respect than I could have even imagined as a child. Every single time I was lucky enough to spend time with him I walked away more educated, more excited and more inspired to be better.”

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COVID-19 postponed 2020’s induction ceremony until next fall, when Lindner’s plaque will go up alongside so many of his contemporaries, including his brother Al. The Lindners will join Billy and Bobby Murray as the second set of siblings inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame at Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife in Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield, Mo.

The 2020 inductees, which include Elite Series pro Jay Yelas, 1994 Classic champ Bryan Kerchal, B.A.S.S. angler relations manager Steve Bowman and early lure manufacturer James Heddon, will be honored alongside the 2021 class, which the BFHOF is currently considering.

The Daily Limit profiled Jay Yelas as the Mr. Rogers of bass fishing, and Bryan Kerchal is well-known as the only Classic champion who qualified directly from the B.A.S.S. Nation. Tragically, he died the same year. Bowman, who is on every Elite’s phone favorites as manager of angler relations, will be inducted into his third hall of fame. Here’s this reporter’s take after Bowman made the Arkansas Outdoors Hall of Fame.

Now let’s we go back more than 100 years for a history lesson on Heddon.