Daily Limit: Feider gets ‘stupid’ with llama


A fan in a llama mask greets Seth Feider at the Knoxville Classic.

Apologizing several times it wasn’t a better story, Seth Feider sort of explained how the whole “llama” phenomena began while taping a Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.

“It was just some really stupid stuff we said for a while that kind of took off,” he said. “It’s not really a great story behind it.

“Nobody knows what it means. It doesn’t matter, it gets people going. That’s pretty much llama.”

On the 2017 show, Mark Zona took Feider out to “Kong Island” in the Thousands Islands region of Lake Ontario, where the pair targeted giant smallmouth. Zona had explained that a young lady used llama similarly to “psych,” which the Urban Dictionary describes as the person had just done something to mess with the other.

They ran with it.  

Llama was first used when Zona yanked in a lunker. Feider put out his hand to give a congratulatory high-five, but Zona went for a fist bump and they missed connections. Zona pulling away and, with thumb out and lifting his index and pinkie fingers, saying “Llama, llama.”

“It’s just stupid stuff we said to each other for a few days for a TV show,” Feider said. “Two years later, here we are.”

Yes, here we are with llama being Feider’s catch phrase, with T-shirts, a room filled with llama things and even a fan wearing a llama mask in his honor at the Classic. Feider said he’s asked about it all the time.

“I don’t tell them the story behind it because it’s not that good. I tell them it’s an inside joke — tell them it’s from a drunken night,” he said. “I sometimes say I can’t tell them what it actually means because it’s inappropriate. That just sounds way better than it actually is.