Daily Limit: AOY a family affair for Feider


Courtesy Pete Feider

Anne and Pete Feider celebrate son Seth Feider's 2021 Angler of the Year title at local bar The Doublewide.

While his father engrained the outdoors in Seth Feider with an iron fist, his mother fostered his dream with love, support and a lead foot. Little did Pete (who also goes by Pedro) and Anne Feider realize they’d raise a bass fishing champion.

The Feiders imparted different qualities to their son, who in July finished off the most consistent season to become the 26th pro to win Angler of the Year in 52 years of B.A.S.S.

“It’s a major career milestone,” Feider said. “Nice to have won something finally. It’s really cool. A small group, good company.”

Feider, 36 of New Market, Minn., can look at his parents for providing stability and giving him the tools to excel on the Bassmaster Elite Series, where four Top 10 finishes in nine events propelled him to the best-ever average AOY finish of 13.5.

“Pedro definitely lit that fire for the outdoors, whether it was hunting or fishing or whatever,” Feider said. “I guess if I have any smarts in my body, it came from her. She’s really smart. She really handles pressure really well. Always stays cool and calm.

“My dad’s kind of a hothead. Not that much anymore now that he’s retired, but he used to lose his s%*# on a daily basis at the house. He’d go from zero to a hundred with a lift of the little finger.”

Pete, a self-described old-school biker, said the Feider men share their temperament, as well as an economy of words. And both are unabashedly blunt.

“I say that first thing that comes into my mouth, not my brain,” Pete said. “I’ve mellowed, though. I’m 69. My fighting days are over; you can put it that way.”

Growing up under Pedro toughened Seth, for sure, but the old man kept watch as his boy literally went headfirst into the outdoors. With Anne working nights, Pete, a bass club angler, would take Seth fishing on their local lake in a 12-foot johnboat and trolling motor. On one of his first trips, a 3-year-old Seth required rescuing.

“I look back and he was hanging over the gunnel, trying to grab lily pad flowers,” Pete said. “He actually got ahold of one. He had a life jacket on. I’m going one direction — lily pads are tough — next thing I know, he had his head in the water, and I just grabbed him by his pants and pulled him back in.”