College Fantasy Fishing Challenge: The Bassmaster Classic

Well, I called it.

There were seven colleges that took part in the first College Fantasy Fishing Challenge, but none could best Texas Tech. The universities that rose to the challenge include Texas Tech University, Clemson, Indiana, Louisiana State, Tarleton State, Central Missouri University and the University of South Alabama.

As I said, I called it.

After the Bassmaster Classic, Texas Tech takes the early lead with their top three scores of 1,286, 1,232 and 1,220 for a total of 3,738 points. In a close second is Indiana with top scores of 1,267, 1,240, 1,166 for a total of 3,673 points. Not far behind Indiana was Clemson with a total score of 3,533 points with the top three from this group boasting 1,198, 1,179 and 1,156.

Here are the final standings from the Classic:

1. Texas Tech University 3,738

2. Indiana University 3,673

3. Clemson University 3,533

4. LSU 3,479

5. Tarleton State University 3,440

6. South Alabama University 2,266

7. Central Missouri University 2,243

I will continue to monitor and update these results after each elite event, so keep picking them and we will crown a College Fantasy Fishing Champion at the end of the Bassmaster Elite season.

If you have not set up your college’s Fantasy Fishing group, it is not too late. Go to and get involved in the challenge. Name the group ‘College:’ followed by your school. Invite your team and pick your line ups. This is a team effort where the top three scores will be combined for a team total.

Good luck and tight lines,

Jake Szot

Texas Tech University

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