Welcome to Coalgate, Oklahoma


(L-R): Tammy Palmer (father), Luke Palmer, Bill Avanzini (grandfather) and Joe Avanzini (uncle).

There are many thousands of anglers around the world who dream of competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series.

The thought is that they’d much rather be fishing for a living than answering the bell five or six days a week at their jobs in sales, or construction, or anything else.

While few would question that Bassmaster Elite Series pros have great gigs, some fans don’t realize that being a full-time angler involves much more than fishing. Pros are expected to attend trade shows and conventions. There are demands from sponsors and the media. And, of course, there are the countless miles pros spend crisscrossing the continent trying to hook big bass, and if they’re lucky, some pretty big money, too.

But even if life on the Elite Series meant catching lunkers all day, every day, Oklahoma pro Luke Palmer isn’t sure he’d take the bait.

Sure, he loves catching big bass as much as any of the 74 other men competing on the Elite Series this year, but Palmer, 28, is devoted to another passion back home that he can’t imagine leaving for any great length of time.