Classic strategy: How they're fishing

Here's what some of the anglers had to say about what they did today — day 2 — and what they'll do tomorrow.

Tommy Biffle "My day started slow, we did a lot of running. I flipped shallow water in particular spots today but I'm not going to tell you where. Ask me tomorrow."

Edwin Evers "I only had a small limit today. I caught them pretty slow today in deep water. I used a worm and a swimbait. I'll go shallow tomorrow and try for a big sack. I saw some real giants in practice and I think I can catch some of them shallow tomorrow. It's all I can do to try to win this thing."

Charlie Hartley "I'll throw a jig in brush tomorrow. The jig weighs 3/8 of an ounce and the brush is in the water – somewhat shallow."

Mike Iaconelli "I didn't catch them as good today as yesterday. I got nine bites today and landed seven. I caught them in the lower end of the lake fishing deep on a one ounce jig. I'll go back there tomorrow.

"I've been hitting about 100 points a day. I might add another 20 tomorrow."

Alton Jones "I caught a good limit today. I'm grinding this out one fish at a time, deep and slow. All my fish came between 15 and 40 feet. I don't want to say anything else. The one thing that could hold be back tomorrow is running out of fish. If they're there I think I can catch them."

Gary Klein "I caught a limit today. I'm in an area that's got a lot of fish. They'll hit a jig in deep water. You've got to fish the back side of the timber between the timber line and the bank. That's where they're at.

"I'll have to look at the weather before I decide about tomorrow. We'll have to see is all I can say. But I'll tell you it's crazy out there. There are boats everywhere following some of the guys."

Kotaro Kiriyama "I caught five fish today but nothing like yesterday. Two of them were deep and three of them were shallow. My plans for tomorrow depend upon the weather. We'll have to see what happens. If nothing changes I'll start deep and then go shallow."

Bobby Lane "I've been fishing a spoon. When they stop hitting that I go to a drop shop. But I did get a big one on a crankbait. They weren't as active today as they were yesterday; maybe it was the heat or something. You could see them lying on the bottom but some of them wouldn't move. You had to drop it on top of them.

"It's interesting. I'll go to the same type holes tomorrow but not the same places. I think they're done. I've taken 24 fish off an area the size of my boat. I'll try a crankbait tomorrow some in different areas. I've been using a Berkley Flicker Shad but I won't tell you the color, not yet anyway."

Jared Lintner "I didn't catch any big fish today but I caught a lot more today than yesterday. All my fish today came shallow. I fished a lot of different stuff today with a lot of different stuff. I'll do the same thing tomorrow. I think the fish are coming to shallow water. That's all I'm going to say right now."

Aaron Martens "I didn't figure them out until the last few minutes today. It's all about the trees. They're in those trees, not really schooled. They're scattered. You just go around droppin' trees and all of a sudden you'll hit one. The trick is to keep on moving and you'll catch them, just keep moving.

"It's stupid if you ask me…"

Cliff Pace "I'm looking forward to the weather tomorrow. Still and bright is difficult for me. This time of year the fish are still in their winter pattern. I fished shallow today between 5 foot and 40 foot. I caught all my fish today drop shottin'.

"I held a spot for tomorrow but had to use it at 1:00 today. I figured if I was going to fish tomorrow I'd better catch them today. My plan for tomorrow will depend upon the weather." 

Clark Rheem "I caught my fish one here and one there today. I started where I did yesterday but changed and went with my milk run. I ran totally different stuff today. Everything after the first spot was new to me in the tournament. My stuff from yesterday was shot, and I knew it. (No, I'm not going to tell you what kind of stuff I'm fishing or give you the path of my run. I will tell you tomorrow.)

"I'll make a shallow milk run tomorrow to upwards of 100 places I marked in practice and throw everything at them including the kitchen sink. I have nothing to loose at this point."

Kevin Short "I got five today on jigs but my best fish came off a windy point. She ate a crankbait in shallow water.

"I'll be fishing with everything I got tomorrow. All I can do is hunt. I've been through Plan A, B, C, and D as of today. I'm going to throw everything I got tomorrow. I'm allowed 10 rods and every one of them will be on the deck of my boat and at some point during the day I'll use them all, I guarantee that."

Gerald Swindle "I had a decent limit today on a flat, wooden crankbait and a jig. All my fish came from shallow, rocky points and boat docks. I'll do the same thing tomorrow."

Kevin VanDam "I didn't catch them very well today. The area I fished yesterday didn't produce a fish. I had a tough day. I'll go back where I started today, which was where I caught the big ones the first day. If that doesn't work I'll try something different. I don't want to mention my lure just yet."