Classic on the line

Check out these videos from past Bassmaster Classics and vote for your favorite.

 Each video is from an event and time when the tournament victory was on the line. See how each angler responded.

 In 1989, Jim Bitter had the a fish — and the Bassmaster Classic trophy — slip right through his hands. The slipup allowed Hank Parker to win the title.

 In 1994, Connecticut's Bryan Kerchal made history by becoming the first Federation Nation angler to win the big event. 

Another highlight comes from Mike Iaconelli's victory in 2003. See what it really means to never give up.

 In 2004, 33-year-old Tokyo native Takahiro Omori, who came to America in 1992 to become a professional angler despite knowing only one person and little English, caught his two largest bass with fewer than five minutes remaining in the competition to nail down the $200,000 top prize, trophy and title.

Watch Rick Clunn set a record-setting pace in the 1984 Classic on the Arkansas River out of Pine Bluff. Clunn stole the spotlight from two future presidents with his winning total.