A chance to win Randy Howell's boat


Ronnie Moore

Another great Bassmaster season has flown by, and it's time once again to give away my Triton/Mercury tournament rig to one lucky Kings Home donor!

This will be the sixth year we have used our tournament boat to make a difference in the lives of so many children, teens and women at Kings Home. Many of you have responded over the past five years by donating for tickets, and with your generosity and the generosity the entire fishing community, we have raised over $700,000 in five years! It's just amazing to me that five Triton boats have helped hundreds of kids and ladies have a better life and future through Kings Home.

As most of you already know, these are all kids and women that have been abandoned, abused or neglected in their lives, who have been given hope at Kings Home. After being showcased on the 2014 Bassmaster Classic TV show on ESPN 2, the folks at Kings Home feel like family to the Bassmaster community. We are thankful to have this opportunity every year to make a difference, and you can too, just by donating for a chance to win my boat. We hope that each of you know how much eternal impact you're making when you give, and the kids at Kings Home say “THANK YOU!”

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