Challenge: Day Two Quotes

 “I didn’t catch as many today, but the right ones bit.”

– Russ Lane after weighing 17 pounds, 4 ounces on Day Two

“Smallmouth are notorious for swimming away from you, and I guess they did just that.”

– Todd Faircloth after weighing only 7 pounds, 8 ounces on Day Two.

“You don’t have to go to Six Flags to get a ride around here.”

– Jamie Horton commenting on the rough water in Green Bay.

“You guys are blessed with some really big smallmouth, but you’re cursed with some really big waves.”

– Matt Greenblatt

“Every one of these came off of one rock I sat on all day.”

– Kevin Ledoux

“A tip for everybody out there…if you see it’s going to be windy, wear briefs not boxers.”

– Ott DeFoe

“I’m fishing in a crowd, but all alone.”

– Chris Zaldain

“I’m up in the river playing in the mud.”

– Bill Lowen

“If I win the tournament, I’ll buy everybody here dinner and a cocktail.”

– Dean Rojas

“It’s getting interesting out there, but I knew it would.”

– Aaron Martens on fishing in a crowd

“I’ve been taking Dramamine since Sunday…I get seasick taking a bath.”

– Stephen Browning