Chad Pipkens lands BEDGEAR

Farmingdale, NY – BEDGEAR, the innovator of PERFORMANCE® bedding, signed professional bass angler Chad Pipkens as a brand ambassador. The fast-growth lifestyle brand is building their ambassador program as part of the 2017 brand strategy priorities. The goal is to foster authentic relationships and inspire a community of local influencers, professional athletes and trainers who embody the culture and values of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

“BEDGEAR is built for the adventurer, the person who has an everlasting curiosity and the hunger for more,” said Eugene Alletto, BEDGEAR CEO. “Chad is the perfect fit for our brand; he exemplifies how the powers of observation and perseverance lead to success.”

Growing up, Chad competed in every sort of athletics. His true passion was developed for the waters and outdoors at an early age while fishing every summer at his parent’s cottage on Higgins Lake, Michigan. Chad first competed in the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series following his 2012 championship at the Bassmaster Northern Open Tournament. He enters his 5th Elite Series in 2017 with two consecutive Bassmaster Classic appearances.

“At our level of competition, there's not a single physical skill that makes one angler more successful than another. What separates the best from the rest is the ability to make decisions and adapt with changing conditions. This only happens when you are mentally tough and thinking clearly. The more well rested you are, the greater chance you have to make quick, clear and accurate choices. This is what separates a good angler from a great angler and this is why I rely on BEDGEAR to help me get “sleep fuel” for my days,” said Chad Pipkens.

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