Bro Series: Cobb and LeHew


Mike Suchan

Brandon Cobb and Shane LeHew visit the JM studio in LIttle Rock.

It’s game on for roomies Brandon Cobb and Shane LeHew, who’ve found friendship in fishing and online gaming. Both are pleased after hitting the reset button to fish B.A.S.S., and they’ve found some Llama loot.

“When I sat down and decided to fish the Elite Series, I was looking at the year,” Cobb, 29, of Greenwood, S.C., said. “Hartwell, I think I could do well (He won). Then just looking at the tournaments, I think, ‘It’s a good year to make the Classic. I think I can do well in points.’ It’s exceeded expectations is the best way to put it.”

Oh yeah.

With his big Texas Fest win in May, Cobb has two titles within a month’s time. With two more top 20 finishes, he has already earned $247,500 in five Elite events, not including a Toyota Tundra truck for big bass on Lake Fork. That win also qualified him for the 2020 Classic, where he will be awarded a Century Belt for topping 100 pounds.

If not for a clunking 61st at Winyah Bay, he might be leading the Toyota Angler of the Year standings. He stands seventh with 408 points, 24 back of the lead. Cobb’s running mate, LeHew, is 9 points behind him in eighth. LeHew, 30, of Catawba, N.C., has put himself in great position to qualify for the Classic via a consistent route. His best finish was fifth at Hartwell, his worst 37th at Lanier, and the rest were in the low 20s.

“I’m really happy so far with how the year is going,” LeHew said. “I think it was a good switch for us, coming over here. It’s been great so far.

“The Classic is the goal. It’s not something I think about right now. If it happens, it happens.”

It’s a Carolina thing

Things sure are happening for the Carolinians. Part of it might be their similar thought processes in how to approach any body of water. That’s kind of how they met 6 years ago. Only living about 2 ½ hours apart, they first crossed paths on each other’s home waters of Lake Murray and Lake Norman. Friendship ensued, and they’ve been traveling together the past 5 years.

“For some reason, me and Shane fish almost identical,” Cobb said. “On the FLW Tour, we would probably run into each other three times a day in a tournament.”

“It was kind of funny,” LeHew said. “We would just keep running into each other on the lake. I’d fish the same pocket and he’d come in there. Then I’d go to the next pocket and he’d come in. I think we fish a lot of the same things, even in practice now without planning it.”

They plan some things as well. LeHew said they confer after practices, and too many times they found they had fished the same areas. They compared notes at Fork, where again they were fishing in close proximity. Cobb even told LeHew about his winning area, where he had two 8-pounders and a truck-winning 11-1 in Day 3’s monster 37-15 bag.

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