Bro Series: Cappo and Carriere

Why would two Cajuns from south Louisiana run together on the Bassmaster Elite Series? There is more to the answer than geography. Quentin Cappo and Tyler Carriere come from hometowns less than 100 miles apart. They also embody everything about living the Cajun life. Both like to hunt and would prefer spending more time outdoors than inside.

Cappo, from Prairieville, and Carriere, who calls Youngsville home, both entered the Elite Series through the Opens Series. Carriere is in his third season, while Cappo is a sophomore on the trail.

Here is more about what makes them tick as "bros" on the tour.

How did you meet?

Tyler: I’d heard of him but never met him. We met initially through the Opens, then really got to know each other when he joined the Elite Series.

Quentin: We met at the Opens. It was a hometown kind of meeting, being from Louisiana and all.

What made you decide to be running mates?

Tyler: Everything just started to click. We like to do a lot of the same stuff. We talk a couple of times a week. It’s been a good deal meeting Quentin. He’s a good guy. We really work well together.

Quentin: We were going to fish the St. John’s River on the same day of my rookie year. I didn’t have a place to stay, and Tyler invited me to stay with him. It’s been that way ever since then.

How do you work together? 

Tyler: Usually we both do our separate thing, then meet up at some point during the day. Most of the time we end up on similar areas, doing the same thing, without even knowing it. I guess the reason why is we fish so similarly back home in the bayous. It happened at Lake Eufaula, where we both met by chance in a backwater area.

Quentin: During practice, we check in every few hours about a pattern. We fish the same way. I know if he’s got a spinnerbait bite, then I already know his targets, the pattern. We both fish the same way back home. So, it works out really well with us sharing the same strengths. We can dial into what the fish are doing.

Describe him as a competitor? 

Tyler: He is very intense. He grinds it out. He can always be a contender. He’s solid. 

Quentin: He is a competitor because his wife expects him to be (laughs).

What’s he like without the game face?

Tyler: He’s a big teddy bear. Everybody is intimidated by his muscles, because he’s so big and strong. But he’s not that type of guy.

Quentin: He’s just really laid back and will do anything in the world for you. It’s kind of like we are lifelong friends, which we are and will be. He’ll just call me to check in, without any reason. That’s a true friend.

What do admire about him? 

Tyler: His businesses outside the fishing. It’s pretty admirable to see how Quentin manages his restaurant and fitness businesses. I look at him and think how much he’s got it together, considering his age. It’s very impressive and I admire him for it all. He is a great businessman.

Quentin: He’s a good dad to his family. They are very active together. He’s just as good of a dad as he can be while out on the road. 

What is something about him that most people might not know?

Tyler: He is a good family man. He talks to his little girl every night. We are out on the road a lot together, and he talks about his family.  

Quentin: He can’t cook.

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