Better fish on a pizza?


“I’ve always been a head case and will be the first one to admit it.”

– Jeff Kriet


“You got to forget there’s a depth finder on your boat and just go up in the junk and try to catch a big one.”

– John Murray


“I’m sure the weights will go up today, we should really be able to bust them tomorrow.”

– Skeet Reese


“You have to execute in these tournaments, or these guys will blow you down.”

– Fletcher Shryock


“This lake is a giant; it’s overwhelming for somebody that’s never been on it.”

– Jared Miller


“I’m not really good at fishing in a crowd, and there’s a lot of people around.”

– Kevin VanDam


“I kinda drove the suck bus today.”

– Pete Ponds


“I’ve seen better fish on a pizza.”

– Alton Jones after weighing his Day Two catch.


“I was all feathers yesterday, today I caught the chicken.”

– Kelly Jordon


“I’m pretty sure I have the record for the longest boat push.”

– Kevin Ledoux after pushing his boat three miles.


“This place just baffles me.”

– Denny Brauer


“I’m trying to put this thing away.”

– Ish Monroe


“Nobody’s going to talk to you after this.”

– B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer to Ish Monroe


“It’s all about keeping your head screwed on and not spinning out.”

– David Walker


“I’m ready to go wherever we’re going.”

– Andy Montgomery after missing the cut