Battle on the Bayou Day Two quotes

MANY, La. -- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day Two weigh-in of the TroKar Battle on the Bayou.

 "I fished where the dust wasn't blowing off the bank."

 -- Dustin Wilks
 "If the wind lays down it's going to get very interesting."

 -- Dean Rojas
 "This is the first weigh-in we've had in a sandstorm."

 -- B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer
 "It can't blow any harder than it is now, it's hard to position your boat to catch these fish."

 -- Jason Williamson
 "It's a little hard to fish when you lose your trolling motor moving from your second hole on the way to your third hole."

 -- Brody Broderick
 "The harder the wind blew the better it got ... I got to smash them today."

 -- David Walker
 "I want a rematch with those fish tomorrow."

 -- Fred Roumbanis
 "There's some giants about to get weighed in."

 -- Bobby Lane
 "Don't ever let KVD wish for the wind to blow."

 -- Dennis Tietje
 "Everybody's in safe and sound ... thank you Lord."
-- B.A.S.S. Tournament Director Trip Weldon
 "I don't care if you're fishing in a creek 10-feet wide, when the wind's blowing this hard it effects your fishing."

 -- Todd Faircloth
 "There's about $10,000 worth of rods and reels laying in the water up by the bridge, that flew out of my boat."

 -- Ish Monroe
 "I would rather break up with my girlfriend than lose a 10-pound bass."

 -- Ish Monroe
"It's funny what catching a 10-pounder will do for you. Ish talked more today than I have my entire career." 

-- Mark Davis.
 "I took about five waves in the boat coming in."

 -- Paul Elias
 "If this wind would lay down I could bring in a 35- or 40-pound bag."

 -- Timmy Horton
"I'm swinging for a win in the second half ... it's all I got left."

 -- Skeet Reese