Bassmaster Elite Series Alabama Charge Day One quotable


FLORENCE, Ala.-- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day One weigh-in.

 "Last week when I left home people were still ice fishing."

-- Nate Wellman

 "I really surprised myself today with those fish ... I kinda just junked myself around today."

-- Dustin Wilks

"This lake is loaded with bass, it's awesome."

-- Kelly Jordon

"I did so bad in Florida, I can't afford to have another bad tournament."

-- Day One leader Denny Brauer

"Junk fishing is what I'm good at, that and running around confused."

-- Gerald Swindle

"This whole year has been an adjustment."

-- Bernie Schultz

"I was clearly doing the wrong thing today."

-- Derek Remitz

"I've had no less than 100 bites today"

-- Greg Hackney

"You just have to survive the start and finish in the end."

-- Matt Reed

"Normally I just follow VanDam around. But today I caught more than he did, so maybe tomorrow he'll just follow me around."

-- Jeff Kriet

"It was the best, most awesome, frustrating day. How can you catch 60 fish and not catch a 4-pounder?"

-- Mike Iaconelli

"It's a good thing my Nitro boat has such a big front deck, so when I fall down at least I'm still in the boat."

-- Dennis Tietje, who is fishing with a serious back injury.