BASS Member Profiles

Name: Ben Smith

Favorite lake to fish: Lake Varner, Georgia

BASS member since: 2008

Tell us the story of your Lunker Club catch: I was at Dream Lake in Livingston, Ala. I threw a white Fluke on 12-pound test (with a spinning rod), felt a tap, set the hook, and my pole bent over like I've never seen! The fight took about two minutes, but it felt like hours.

She jumped twice, but I was somehow able to get her to the boat, where I lipped her. I knew she was big, but until I brought her into the boat, I had no idea just how big. It was incredible to hold a fish that big! My partner took a few quick photos, and I released her to fight another day. I had caught a few just shy of the 10-pound barrier, but this was my first double-digit bass.

What do you like most about being a BASS member?: Great information, stories and photos from other fishermen and women from across the world.

Any successful tips/technique/lure you can share with us?: I love the Fluke. I can use it in so many different ways, throughout the year. Fish it weightless, and hold on!