Are your toes tan?


James Overstreet

James Overstreet shared this photo on his Instagram with the question, "When you fish you rollin with shoes or flip-n-flops?"

As the temperatures warm up and anglers hit the water, James Overstreet wants to know are you wearing shoes or flip flops while you're fishing? He asked his Instagram followers that question, and we asked the bass_nation Instagram followers as well. Though some people just couldn't stand the site of barefeet, many fans weighed in with their fishing footwear preferences.

These comment from Instagram highlight the benefits, costs and hilarity of fishing footwear: 

bayoublazer202: What's a shoe. We go barefoot or white boots.

justin_perdue21: I hate flops but I really should use them looking like casper feet.

limeybasstard: Full shoe! Gotta cover up and not burn anything!! Feet included.

Tom_boy_fishing: Flip flops. If the boat didn't have so many treble hooks laying around I'd go bare foot.

justin_briggs_: Fun fishing = Flops... Touranment Fishing = Shoes

fishing_chanelout: Toes out, guns out!!! Barefeet all day!!!

kyle_reese_burks: If you aren't wearing flops, do you even fish?

stephensgone: Barefoot... with lots of sunscreen. My feet don't tell well. This white boy gets burned lol

fishin_brady: Shoes because I've watched Bill Dance stick some hooks deep in his feet.

coondog_connor: Well I get a Crocs tan. They're a tanned poka dots in the same places on both of my feet. 

Counting up the comments from our Instagram posts: Most people are fishing in flops or sandals (85 comments). The second most popular way to fish is barefoot (61 comments). Wearing shoes or boots was the thrid most popular option (50 comments), and some people get the "waffle tan" of wearing Crocs (38 comments).

Let us know if you have tan toes or pale feet in the comments below, and why you make that choice. Please follow @outdoorshooter on Instagram for more great conversations like this! 

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