Antique lures worth thousands

Can you imagine a fishing lure costing more than a bass boat? Believe it: A Heddon Frog hand-carved in the year 1897 can be worth $30,000! The antique wooden lure was a giveaway in the late 1800s when James Heddon used it to entice buyers of his honey to keep buying. But now, the frog is so rare that it warrants a hefty price tag.

The Heddon Frog and multiple other antique lures are showcased in the 2012 B.A.S.S. Daily Planner & Fishing Guide, which is dedicated to the discovery of the old and the fulfillment of collecting. This year’s version has more antique lures than ever — not only ones on the calendar pages, but also in a special section called “35 Most Valuable Antique Lures,” which is where you’ll see the Heddon Frog.

The beauty of the 2012 B.A.S.S. Daily Planner & Fishing Guide is that it is interesting to collectors and non-collectors, as well as anglers and history buffs. Included in the Planner are pages for writing your upcoming fishing trips, doctor appointments and vacation plans, fishing logs for recording your big catches, and writing space to keep up with various other memos. The compact hardbound book is a nice addition to your desk as well as to your library.

For anglers and hunters, the best fishing times and moon phases are included on all 365 days so that no matter when you’re planning a trip, you can be sure to be on the water at the right time!

If a limited edition 2012 B.A.S.S. Daily Planner & Fishing Guide is on your Christmas list or on the list of someone you know, you can order it here. Check the Planner’s lures against the ones in your attic: Maybe you’ll just discover that one of the oldies you have is truly a goody!

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