Another Japanese monster!

Hiroshi Shimotahira tells the story of how he caught a bass that was 71 centimeters (27.95 inches) - a miracle. It is the largest bass in Japan caught by artificial lure and is a dream come true. He still cannot believe this miracle happened to him.

I would like to report a miracle that happened to me. We were supposed to go to Lake Biwa on April 10, 2010, but my fishing partner wanted to visit Lake Nanairo, so we went there instead.

When we arrived at the lake, we rented "Yamaha Bokebo," a boat with a 2-hp motor from Bassing Road Marina.

After launching, we went to the shallow water upriver, as usual, and began throwing a JH lure. Soon after, my partner spotted a bass longer than 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) swimming in the shallow water! I immediately threw a 4-inch One Up Shad (Waka-Ayu color) from my seat in the back of the boat.

By that time we did not see that big bass any more. I let the lure fall to the bottom and shook it a little. Then I noticed the line slacken, so I set the hook and felt a powerful pulling for a long time. I could not force him to the boat, so I fought with him about 5 or 6 minutes, and he finally came to surface.

What a battle it was!

After hand landing him around 9 a.m., the fish did not fit in the livewell of the rental boat, so we asked for help from two men in a bass boat. They took the fish, put it in their livewell and went to the nearest marina. They weighed the fish, and it was 71 centimeters (27.95 inches) with its mouth closed and tail open and weighed 9,140 grams (20.15 pounds). To catch a bass longer than 70 centimeters (27.56 inches) is a miracle.

It is the largest bass in Japan caught by artificial lure and is a dream come true. I still cannot believe this miracle happened to me. I would like to recommend the mid-stroke technique with the One Up Shad lure for your next big bass.

My rod was an Aldeat 701ti. My reel was an Alphas 103 and it was spooled with Super FC Sniper line (16-pound test). I fished the One Up Shad on a 1/16-ounce Swing Head jighead.

I would like to thank Bassing Road Marina, the president of Teason, Mr. Yasumura of Y project, and especially the two gentlemen in the bass boat for helping us when we were in panic mode with the big fish.

P.S. I would like to apologize to my partner for taking the fish that he found!