Over the moon for All-Star Week

It became a game of smack-talk on the B.A.S.S. Twitter chat today, when several pros interacted with fans trying to get their votes to qualify them for Toyota Trucks All-Star Week.

"I will give each voter the actual moon," said John Crews, as Gerald Swindle promised fans everything except his first-born child. Aaron Martens promised not to shave until the event if he gets voted in, and Brandon Card pledged a chunk of change to his college's bass fishing team.

Below is the full transcript, lightly edited for spelling and clarity.

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BASS_nation Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Bassmaster All-Star Twitter chat!

BASS_nation Several pros are here to ask for your vote!


AMartFishing Hey everyone - thanks for joining us on the #basschat


GeraldSwindle Hey guys - just joining in. Had to clean my gutters out from Hurricane Isaac.


BASS_nation Today, we've got @GeraldSwindle and @AMartFishinghere. Guys, why should fans vote you into All-Star Week?


AMartFishing I'd love to get voted in again this year. We will once again be giving away a jersey on my FB page plus...

AMartFishing One FB fan and voter will win a day on the water with me and finally...

AMartFishing ... - I will be donating a large portion of any winnings to Don Barone's tackle the storm!

BASS_nation Nice to see that @AMartFishing will be donating a portion of his winnings to Tackle the Storm!

AMartFishing Plus this year - I just missed the All Star event finishing in 10th! If you have any questions for me - ask away!

AMartFishing Don't know what Tackle The Storm is? It's DBs organization that provides tackle to kids who have lost theirs from storms!

BASS_nation A link to @AMartFishing 's Facebook page:http://t.co/kAAkyiYi so you can enter his contest


GeraldSwindle I would love to represent the sport as being a fan favorite.

GeraldSwindle I will be offering a sweepstakes if I'm voted in.

BASS_nation What will fans win in your sweepstakes,@GeraldSwindle?

GeraldSwindle $2500 prize package to be given to a fan off my facebook fanpage.

GeraldSwindle $1000 to go toward travel expense to attend the All-Star week as my guest.

GeraldSwindle One of my very own EXO Rod and Reel combos from my boat.

GeraldSwindle Also, you will receive the jersey that I will be wearing during the All-Star week.

GeraldSwindle You will also win a pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses.

GeraldSwindle Did I mention a nice selection of Lucky Craft hardbaits?


chadsex311  @GeraldSwindle spinning or casting reel ?

GeraldSwindle Casting reel.


BASS_nation Fans, @GeraldSwindle is really laying it out there, with baits and a jersey, travel expenses and a rod & reel!

chadsex311  @GeraldSwindle sounds good enough for me!

GeraldSwindle Oh, and some War Eagle spinnerbaits.

coreybrhymer So @GeraldSwindle you'll pretty much give ALL your tackle on your boat...? That's Awesome!


Kenny3Times @AMartFishing Will you bring back the beard!!?!?

AMartFishing @Kenny3Times I won't shave until the event. We are talking ZZ-Top style - #FeartheBeard


@crewsmissile: Ready to Twit, or is it Twoot, or maybe just Tweet. Yes, that's it.

crewsmissile I know election season is upon us to warm up by voting for me and 3 other Tweeters here.

crewsmissile If I am voted in, I will give each voter the actual moon. (ok, just a look at it if you look up at night)

HelenNorthcutt I'll vote for @crewsmissile if I can win the actual moon! #coolestprizeever #crossyourfingers @AllStar

crewsmissile I will donate 25% of my winnings to Tackle the Storm Foundation if voted in the All Star Week.

BASS_nation Now Tackle the Storm is getting pledges from both@crewsmissile and @AMartFishing if they get voted in.

crewsmissile Everyone knows that Hurricane Isaac will leave many young anglers without fishing tackle!

MK_Bassfishing woah you got my vote @crewsmissile

chadsex311  @crewsmissile represent VA strong every day!


BrandonPalaniuk Sorry @crewsmissile ....already rented the moon for everyone who votes for me to have a party on

crewsmissile @BrandonPalaniuk No, you are wrong. They said they lost your deposit.

BrandonPalaniuk @crewsmissile  I paid in full!


BASS_nation Have you voted yet? @GeraldSwindle @AMartFishingand @CrewsMissile are here to ask for your vote today! http://t.co/jYLbiN9W


AMartFishing Hey G-Man. I see your Lucky Craft & raise you some Megabass crankbaits to a 3rd winner 1st fishing trip, 2nd-Jersey, 3rd baits

GeraldSwindle And don't forget The Rod Gloves. You will need those to protect that EXO Rod and Reel.

Drumclog @GeraldSwindle You don't have to give me anything. I'm voting for you regardless.

basseditor @GeraldSwindle prize packs are still growing. Not that we're greedy, but what else can you offer? J/K

BhamJen Let the smack talk begin! @AMartFishing @GeraldSwindle

RyanNutting Hmmm....You all think you can get our votes by giving away free stuff? Well you would be right! hahaha

GeraldSwindle OK Amart, how bout we raise you a Trokar hook package???

AMartFishing Gman- Like the Trokar hook raise - but, I can raise you with a 4th winner of a tourney used excellent condition Megabass Rod!


TheBassPunk @GeraldSwindle How about your boat??? :)

MK_Bassfishing @GeraldSwindle anyone who doesn't pick you, is insanely dumbb!

@AdamLaney @GeraldSwindle Waiting for someone to offer their first born son.

GeraldSwindle How bout I give up Andy Morgan's best treestand spots.

wheelsville @GeraldSwindle Throw in some of those camel jigs and you will have my vote!

LazerTroKar Seems like the gloves are coming out to get voted into All-Star week  #TeamTroKar @GeraldSwindle

ehakman @GeraldSwindle got my vote errday

errrrn3 @GeraldSwindle really wants to get voted in!


BCardFishing Thanks to everyone for all the support this year. It has been a dream come true. College guys - vote Card!

BASS_nation Bassmaster Rookie of the Year @BCardFishing has joined us as well. He started off the in the #collegebass ranks.

BASS_nation Also, @BCardFishing is giving $1,500 to his college fishing team if he is voted in.

BASS_nation RT ‏@BCardFishing @BASS_nation That's right. Go Cats!

BASS_nation Which college are you donating to, @BCardFishing ?

BCardFishing University of Kentucky, my alma mater! But I will also be donating a fishing trip to @College_Bass if I get in.

jallen42 This is my Alma Mater too! RT @BCardFishing: University of Kentucky, my alma mater!

BCardFishing @jallen42 Go Cats! We need the Big Blue Mist effect my fellow alum!

jallen42 @BCardFishing You'll get my vote! https://t.co/5nysJ3t5


BillLowen So close finishing 9th in AOY. Would love to fish All-star here in the Midwest. Come on Lowen fans & my fellow Midwesterners!

BASS_nation Nice to have you here, @BillLowen He missed qualifying on his own by just a few points!


coreybrhymer @AMartFishing A-Mart has got my daily votes for the Toyota All-Stars

coreybrhymer My votes were @AMartFishing @GeraldSwindle@Crewsmissile @BrandonPalaniuk the guys, who have...

coreybrhymer been keeping me above @DwainBatey in points!

CoryHerrmann G-Man and A-Mart both got my vote today!!


BrandonPalaniuk Hey Guys! I will be giving away a prize pack including products I use during the All-Star week if I get voted in!!

BASS_nation Looks like @BrandonPalaniuk is offering some goodies to fans who vote for him too.

toysalesmason @BrandonPalaniuk i voted for you Brandon Thanks for everything you do for the sport you are one of the best


lpstonecipher just voted for @SkeetReese1 @BrandonPalaniuk@AMartFishing @TimmyHortonBass to compete at all star week

HelenNorthcutt Those sound like great incentives @AMartFishingand @GeraldSwindle#wanttowin #AllStar

MK_Bassfishing Voted for @mike_Iaconelli , my man@GeraldSwindle , @ChrisLaneFish and @SkeetReese1

ejhand @BASS_nation I think I made my selections to prematurely. Now there are extra incentives to vote! #AllStarWeek


GeraldSwindle "Save the Rednecks" - Vote for Swindle

Kenny3Times Might have to vote for G after the "save the rednecks" comment


GeraldSwindle Confucius would love to fish All-Star Week.

bassassasin1 @GeraldSwindle Great season for you

crewsmissile @GeraldSwindle Confucius also say: he who laugh last, not very smart.

MK_Bassfishing @GeraldSwindle where and how did confucius come about? I've been wanting to know for soo long! #itspuregenious

GeraldSwindle Confucius - Chinese philosopher who now lives in Hayden, Alabama.

GeraldSwindle Confucius say "man who vote for me might go to All-Star Week free"


bonnieplants Go Fish! Cast for @keithpoche to fish with the All-Stars and you may score your own boat.

vc73jc Vote for @keithpoche and his high flying Skeeter! http://t.co/CGHYYb0v

keithpoche I'd love to fish the @BASS_nation All Star event! Ask me anything!

bonnieplants We want to see the big bass, big tomato grower in All-Star Angler tourney! @keithpoche

BASS_nation Fans, @keithpoche is here, too! Keith, why should fans vote you in to All-Star Week?


HelenNorthcutt Love seeing all the pros tweeting, these guys really want a spot! Only 13 more days to cast your vote, and every vote counts!!

OrcaCoolers  my vote is still up for grabs. Can't wait to get to #Tulsa for @BASS_nation #Bassmaster #classic.

BASS_nation Pros, convince @OrcaCoolers to vote for you!


AMartFishing Details on all my prizes (4 winners in are so far...) will be on my Facebook page following the chat!

tritonbassman70 @AMartFishing don't really have a question, just wanted to wish u all the best & hope u finish on top! God bless & good luck!

AMartFishing @tritonbassman70 Thank you. That means a lot to me!


AMartFishing Plus - I've been giving my secrets away to fans all year on Bassmaster's "The Natural" Blog - that should account for something!!

chadsex311  @AMartFishing very true I've learned most of what I know about finesse from u and Evers

AMartFishing @chadsex311 Thanks Chad. I hope it helps you catch lots of fish.

toysalesmason @AMartFishing i voted for you Aaron Thanks for everything you do for the sport, you are an amazing role model


spovio @AMartFishing do you miss fishing out here on the west coast? We need to get BASS back out here!

AMartFishing @spovio I do miss it, but I get there and then to get some fishing in. I fish the Open every year to keep my western roots alive.


bradwkimbrell Two of my votes @GeraldSwindle @BrandonPalaniuk

CampBenCh @BrandonPalaniuk has my vote!  #DOWORK


StarksJeremy You should vote for me cuz' I can crank deeper than anyone else!

BASS_nation Nice to see you here, too, @StarksJeremy !

basseditor @StarksJeremy a lesson on deep cranking is what I want! It's working, but I want to get better at it. Got my PB doing it.

StarksJeremy If Amart and card are voted in are we gonna need a ref?

StarksJeremy If I'm voted in we are taking the skeeter space ship and three lucky fans to the moon!

ejhand @StarksJeremy I need to chnge my vote


patfish78  since the anglers are going bigger and bigger on their prize. Vote for sale price want a ride on mars rover or a day of fishing.


jallen42 @GeraldSwindle and @AMartFishing I know a little lake in Central Kentucky that none of you have heard of, full of monsters.

jallen42 Cedar Creek Lake, Stanford KY https://t.co/5nysJ3t5


GeraldSwindle I want to fish the All-Star week because Chapman has beat me at every event and I don't want to break the streak.


zjeney88 My votes will go to @AMartFishing #megabass#finessephenom

marshall880 Who wants my vote?

BASS_nation We think @marshall880 is looking for a bribe for his vote...

crewsmissile We should leave bribes up to the presidential elections.


@BASS_nation: Fans, who are you planning to vote for? What will it take for you to vote for one of the pros?

J_aWillis My vote goes to @GeraldSwindle because his wife is/was an Aggie..

_JordanTyler_ Why is this even a competition? @GeraldSwindle is clearly the fan favorite here haha

ejhand @SkeetReese1 has my vote in the @BASS_nation office pool. #AllStarWeek

CampBenCh Voted for @BASS_nation All-Star with @fish4ish@BrandonPalaniuk @mike_Iaconelli !

HelenNorthcutt I want to see some more Alabama representatives@GeraldSwindle and @AMartFishing

taterskeeter G-Man and Hardware

J_aWillis @GeraldSwindle

_DOWNS_ @GeraldSwindle Got my vote!!

jallen42 @AMartFishing and @GeraldSwindle got my vote just now.


toysalesmason @GeraldSwindle i voted for you Gman Thanks for everything you do for the sport

wheelsville Ashley Schaeffer is voting for @crewsmissile http://t.co/aBJbak6j

tritonbassman70 @AMartFishing he should win just on the fact that he moved from Cali right into the heart of red neck country with the rest of us.

errrrn3 My vote-- @BrandonPalaniuk, no doubt! #AllStarWeek


GeraldSwindle Thanks guys for participating - Confucius is hungry and must go get a chicken at the Piggly Wiggly. Peace Out.

BASS_nation Thanks for joining, @GeraldSwindle ! Good luck in the voting.


BASS_nation We know @GeraldSwindle has a slogan now: Save the Rednecks. Any slogans for other pros?

crewsmissile "Let the boy watch"

crewsmissile Just google "Will Ferrell plums" if you don't get it. It is a classic on Youtube.

crewsmissile Vote for Crews= Helping the kids and getting entertained on the show! Thank you 

BrandonPalaniuk "Federation Nation for LIFE"

AMartFishing This is what it's all about

@BASS_nation @GeraldSwindle How about "Moon over Palanuik"?


BASS_nation Pros, one more chance to tell us why to vote for you; and Fans, one more chance to say what it will take to get your vote!


AMartFishing Thanks for your consideration. Let me leave it with this - 5 Reasons to vote for me.

AMartFishing #5 I have and always will do my best to teach everyone what I know

AMartFishing #4 I finished 10th in the AOY this year

AMartFishing #3 4 winners will win great prizes (see my Facebook page for details)

AMartFishing #2 I will donate at least 25% of my winnings to the Tackle the Storm Foundation 

AMartFishing #1 - I promise to not finish 2nd!

BrandonPalaniuk @AMartFishing Then 3rd it is haha 

AMartFishing @BrandonPalaniuk 3rd, maybe but not second. No worries, I will give you a shout out while you watch it onhttp://t.co/m1sB4ngN


keithpoche @HelenNorthcutt @BASS_nation I need to finish my season with a win!

BillLowen Midwesterners unite! Thanks for considering.

BrandonPalaniuk Thanks for joining us on  . Go "Do Work" and cast your votes at http://t.co/D0OsjmUh.


AMartFishing Thanks for everyone or coming on and caring enough to hear us out! Follow me on my facebook page for more details and...

AMartFishing No matter who you vote for, be sure to vote everyday. My Facebook is found at https://t.co/HzxLDOIr

AMartFishing That #Basschat thing was fast and furious! Thanks for joining the chat and thanks for your votes!


BassUtopia @AMartFishing #1 All the locals will have new spots to fish, and most likely on the final day while you are also trying to fish ;)

AMartFishing @BassUtopia Now that was funny... and it hurts!

tritonbassman70 @AMartFishing LOL!! That's "classic". Luv the humor!


JLeefishing @AMartFishing I guess me and Frink will vote for you... As long as will help us with our yard/garden skills inAuburn.. Haha

tritonbassman70 @AMartFishing that enuf to get my vote & he also ain't bad on the water either,he will represent us rednecks well! LOL!

SCBassing @GeraldSwindle G-Man without a doubt!

zjeney88 My votes will go to @AMartFishing #megabass#finessephenom

GHancock21 there is a #bassmaster #eliteseries #war going on for those post season votes on twitter

HellaBass Can't decide who to vote for? Go by next 4 in AOY points Lowen, @AMartFishing , @SkeetReese1 & B. Lane

crc863 I'm going with @AMartFishing on this one!


BASS_nation Fans, you can vote every day in the All-Star sweepstakes. At the end, one lucky fan will win a boat!http://t.co/jYLbiN9W

BASS_nation Follow all the Bassmaster Elite Series pros on Twitter. Here's the list https://t.co/oHG5HtXY

BASS_nation Thank you for joining us, pros and fans! Everyone, vote now here: http://t.co/jYLbiN9W every day between now and Sept 10.

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