All I want for Christmas ...

For Dennis Tietje, an old Christmas carol sums up his Christmas wish list: “All I want for Christmas is a new front tooth!”

The tooth would replace the one that B.A.S.S. photographer James Overstreet knocked out with a tungsten weight while the two were fishing on Toledo Bend.

Tietje is just one of several 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series pros who have requests of Santa Claus this year. For your enjoyment, here’s what the rest of the pros say they’d like for Christmas this year:

Ish Monroe: a Ferrari 458

Chris Lane: golf clubs, golf bag and balls. “Because I lose a lot!”

Brian Snowden: a '69 Camaro

John Crews: a new camera. “My iPhone does decent, but the newer DSLR cameras take fantastic photos and great HD video. Of course, it will be for family and work.”

Morizo Shimizu: a Titleist 913 driver golf club.

Jason Christie: “I would like a motorcycle helmet to wear during the Classic.”

Cliff Crochet: “All I want for Christmas is happiness and health.”

Brent Broderick: Dragon speech recognition software. “You talk, and it types. I type out hundreds of auctions weekly for my eBay store, Brodyofthelake. This program looks great!”

Kurt Dove: "I asked Santa for a new grill this year. Rhonda and I hope to get a nice one and have a lot of celebrating this coming Elite Season."

Bernie Schultz: "I would like less hostility in the world. If more people fished, we would have less of it I'm sure."

Randy Howell: "I am so blessed that I don't have any special requests other than to enjoy more time with my family!"

Josh Bertrand: a lifetime subscription to Sirius XM radio. “With all of the hours I'll be spending behind the wheel this season, it'll be nice to have some good entertainment.”

Kenyon Hill: “More money to help more people for Christmas.”

Jamie Horton: an AR 15. 223 Caliber

Kevin VanDam: "I want safety for our troops, time with family, and little snow would be nice, too."

Edwin Evers: "I want a skid steer with some cool attachments for Christmas. I don't believe my wife is going for that, though!"

Kelley Jaye: “What I would like for Christmas is everyone to use Christ instead of X in Christmas.”

Casey Scanlon: a Red Rider BB gun

Kevin Hawk: “All I want for Christmas is to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.”

Jared Lintner: a lake house on Clear Lake in California.

Cliff Prince: the winning lure for the Classic.

David Walker: “A Bassmaster Classic Trophy.”


What would you like to find under the tree on Christmas morning?