Aaron Martens names new title sponsor

Aaron Martens announced “DUO” as his new title sponsor. DUO International, a major player in his endorsement portfolio, increased its collaboration between Angler and its R&D team.  “It’s the right fit and decision… I am excited, we are just scratching the surface on what can happen in lure development with this company…” mentioned the 3 Time Bassmaster Elite Angler Of The Year.
DUO just completed the largest most advanced JDM facility in Japan.  Part of its focus was to increase the R&D commitment.  DUO’s new facility has one of the largest test-tanks in the world.
“When Lesley and Aaron approached us, it came as a very pleasant surprise. It’s a tremendous honor! I think the world of Lesley and Aaron and we are grateful!  It also helps solidify several of our future R&D plans”, said DUO’s R&D Specialist and USA Manager, David Swendseid. 
DUO’s chief designer, Masahiro Adachi expressed his gratitude.  “First I thank the American bass angler and his confidence in our product development. The acquisition of Aaron Martens in this capacity is our full honor. Aaron is an integral part of our future lure development. Everyone knows his long-standing and historical dominance as one of the world’s greatest.  His consistency and present expertise will continue to play a significant role in many of our new developments. We are excited about our future”.
DUO’s new facility represents 22 years of lure innovation. DUO International is located in Shizuoka, Japan and provides innovation and lure development to over 70-countries worldwide. DUO is equipped with a lure building and production facility capable of handling lure manufacturing in the millions. It will be home to both hard and soft bait production. Its lure testing facility (adjoined) encompasses a testing tank that is over 82 ft long, nearly 12ft wide and 14 ft. deep!