7-year-old already in the fishing business

Carter LaLiberte, 7, is already a speaker and a YouTube sensation in the bass fishing world.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Carter LaLiberte’s mother isn’t surprised that he loves the outdoors and fishing.

By 9 months of age, he was riding in a boat. At 2 years old, he was fishing, and, by 4, he was baiting his hook, casting, and catching all on his own.

But even she was a bit taken aback when he came to her as she was formulating a strategy to start her own high-tech marketing/consultant business.

“He said he wanted to write a marketing plan too,” recalled Sarah LaLiberte. “He said he wanted to teach kids to fish, and to get them off video games.

“So there he was, my 6-year-old, jotting down notes about starting his own business.”

In short order, those notes became reality, as Carter formed Kid In Outdoors, LLC (KIO), with his mother providing advice, assistance and guidance.

“It started with a couple of videos,” she said, explaining that she first posted them on her own private YouTube link and then on Carter’s own channel, as his library grew.

In short order, then, Casting Carter became a part of KIO, as well as a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. And today, the 7-year-old is a popular speaker in his own state of New Hampshire, as well as a blossoming celebrity nationwide.

“He’s very good in front of audiences,” said Sarah, who accompanies him. “He’s fearless.”

During an appearance before about 100 people, organizers told him that technical difficulties would prevent him from using his usual PowerPoint presentation. “So he gave a speech without it,” she explained. “He talked for 20 minutes. I was so proud.”

One of his first sponsors, Judy Tipton of New Pro Products, said it’s rare to find someone of any age with the passion and willingness to teach others about the outdoors that Carter has. “We partnered with Carter because we believe we share a common goal and mission to encourage outdoor recreational participation while conserving and protecting our precious national resources for future generations,” she said.

Tipton thinks so much of Carter and his mission that she’s paying for his airfare to attend the 2016 Bassmaster Classic. “But he is required to work in our booth for an hour each day!” she said with a laugh.

Carter, meanwhile, says fishing “gets you outside and is really fun.”

How much fun?

“You feel a tap, tap, tap,” he said. “But you miss the fish, and you go ‘Ohhhh!’ But then you get the fish and you’re like ‘Yes!’ It just excites you.”

Not surprisingly for the kid who reads Bassmaster Magazine and already uses a baitcaster like a pro, he wants to be a “Bassmaster” when he grows up. And his best tips for catching fish? Patience and “finding a bait that they want.”

Carter follows his own advice as often as possible on waters throughout New England, but especially on Lake Champlain, where his family has a camp. He fishes with his mother and his father, Henry, both of whom are members of B.A.S.S.

But he’s also still a kid, and Sarah wants to make sure he enjoys his childhood.

“There’s a frog pond across the street, and he spends hours and hours over there,” she said. “He follows tournaments, but we like just fishing together as a family.

“If this stops being fun for him, then we’ll stop doing it.”

See one of his videos below.