2015 Classic: Who hits the water first?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.  The week of Jan. 12, the boat numbers for the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic were drawn at B.A.S.S. Headquarters.

This random drawing set the Classic boat numbers and decided the order for angler takeoff the first two days of the tournament that is except for spots one and two. As the 2014 Toyota Angler of the Year, Greg Hackney gets the first spot automatically. As the previous year's Classic winner, Randy Howell receives the second spot.

During the Classic, the full field of participants will be split into two flights, boats 1-28 and 29-56. On Day 1, the boats will head out on Lake Hartwell in numerical order  1-28 and 29-56. On Day 2, the order will be reversed  56-29 and 28-1. On Day 3, after a cut to the Top 25, takeoff order will be decided by angler rank in the tournament.

Flight 1

 Greg  Hackney
 Randy  Howell
 Mike  McClelland
 Jared  Lintner
 Gerald  Swindle
 Cliff  Prince
 Chad  Morgenthaler
 Clifford  Pirch
 Keith  Combs
 Skeet  Reese 10 
 Casey  Ashley 11 
 Andy  Montgomery 12 
 Dean  Rojas 13 
 Cliff  Crochet 14 
 Brian  Snowden 15 
 Brandon  Gray  16 
 Jacob  Wheeler 17 
 Brandon  Lester 18 
 Chris  Lane 19 
 David  Walker 20 
 James  Niggemeyer 21 
 Paul  Mueller 22 
 Randall  Tharp 23 
 Jason  Christie 24 
 Mark  Davis 25 
 Takahiro  Omori 26 
 Bobby  Lane 27 
 Shin  Fukae 28 

Flight 2

 Michael  Iaconelli 29 
 Kevin  Short 30 
 Teb  Jones 31 
 John  Crews 32 
 Brett  Hite 33 
 Scott  Rook 34 
 Chad  Pipkens  35 
 Van  Soles 36 
 Matt  Herren 37 
 Justin  Lucas 38 
 Todd  Faircloth 39 
 Ott  DeFoe 40 
 David  Kilgore 41 
 Paul  Elias 42 
 Troy  Diede 43 
 Brandon  Palaniuk 44 
 Brett  Preuett 45 
 Morizo  Shimizu 46 
 Steve  Lund 47 
 Cliff  Pace 48 
 Coby  Carden 49 
 Jacob  Powroznik 50 
 Aaron  Martens 51 
 Jeff  Lugar  52 
 Stephen  Browning 53 
 Edwin   Evers 54 
 Andy  Young 55 
 Bill  Lowen 56