2011 Elite Series Pride of Georgia Day Two quotable

LAGRANGE, Ga. -- The tables turned and fishing on West Point Lake got harder Friday. Here's what we heard from the anglers

“Fishing has gotten worse, I think they caught all of them yesterday.”

– Jason Quinn


“It was kind of a survival day.”

– Dave Wolak


“It’s tough out there, I mean it is really brutal.”

– Bill Lowen


“Today I couldn’t do anything wrong.”

– Kevin VanDam

“Tomorrow I don’t know if I can get a bite.”

– Kevin VanDam

“I’m gonna follow KVD around tomorrow, and every time he culls I’m gonna throw that shaky-head in there.”

– Marty Robinson

“This was a bad deal, I got smashed.”

– Shaw Grigsby

“I missed a curve here.”

– Todd Faircloth

“I’m doing what I do best, just run around lost and let the wind drift me.”

– Gerald Swindle

“Having the weekend off sucks.”

– Kevin Short

“I think I could practice another two weeks and not figure these fish out.”

– Paul Elias