2008 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph: "Angler X"

This week's Angler X is no stranger to success on Old Hickory. He says the bite on Old Hickory isn't good even when it's good, so look for small bags and the possibility of someone catching a fluke monster. Angler X wishes (along with most all the Elite anglers) that the Mississippi was not out of play for this leg.

Topping his list for success is everyone's pick at virtually every tournament, Kevin VanDam. Angler X feels that the fish are spread all over, and KVD's run-and-gun style will have the most success, despite poor fishing.

Second in line is Tim Horton. Horton's proximity to the lake is an advantage. Angler X also thinks the fish may be on ledges, and Horton is one of the best at cranking this cover.

A second-timer on the Angler X list is Jeff Kriet. Angler X believes that Kriet has a chance simply because of his demeanor after practice days were up. Not revealing too much, Kriet exuded confidence, which goes a long way in our sport.

A newcomer to the Angler X annals is Greg Hackney. Hackney gets the nod for Old Hickory because Angler X did not see him at all during practice. He thinks Hackney may have something hot. Hackney's shallow flipping and cranking prowess are also recognized by our mystery pundit.

Lastly, Angler X picks himself. As mentioned, he has had success on Old Hickory, and his practice was on par with every other angler's — a few small fish. He thinks his flipping will have a good chance at netting a few solid keepers in a bag of minnows.

Angler X's low expectations echo many anglers' predictions for Old Hickory, and it has cast a desperate mood over the tournament, with some guys simply hoping to bag five fish each day. Be sure to check out Bassmaster.com starting Thursday June 26 through Sunday the 29 at 3:30 p.m. ET to see just how well they do.