Newest Spook combines small size and big features

Sometimes small forage, bluebird skies or ultra-clear water create need for a smaller-than-normal lure. However, when you’re targeting tough predator species, like striped bass, redfish and pike, you still need tough hooks and hardware and a lure you can cast without dropping to lightweight tackle and line. That’s where the new Super Spook Boyo comes into play.

This newest member of Heddon’s iconic family of “walk the dog” lures, the Super Spook Boyo offers the same shape and tough construction as a Super Spook or Super Spook Jr. but is only 3 inches long. The Super Spook Boyo is equipped with stout No. 4 trebles (same size as the Super Spook Jr.) and is engineered for long casts.

The Super Spook Boyo has a low-pitched single ball rattle for added attraction and, like all Heddon Spook lures, walks from side to side with ease.

The Super Spook Boyo comes in 13 great colors, including old-school favorites like Bone and Florida Bass, three exclusive new freshwater colors – Blue Herring, Bluegill Fry and Wiper – and five colors that were designed primarily for saltwater fishing. 

MSRP: 7.99