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Advanced frogging techniques

Unlike some anglers who pause briefly, Oklahoma pro Jason Christie sets the hook immediately after a strike on a frog. Photos by Seigo Saito

Any list of essential bass lures would be woefully incomplete if it didn’t include the hollow, snagless frog. You can effectively fish this potent topwater bait over the nastiest cover, including the snotty “cheese” that blankets matted grass in late summer and autumn.

Besides plucking bass from places where few other lures can go, a frog draws strikes from hefty largemouth. However, fishing a frog isn’t as simple as it may appear. Many anglers struggle to coax strikes with a frog and to hook the few bass that do bite. Thankfully, tips from Alabama’s Wes Logan and Oklahoma’s Jason Christie, two frog masters on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail, can improve your froggin’ fortunes.