Classic Preview 2023 Lunker Club

Congratulations to the newest members of the Bassmaster Lunker Club™. Membership in the club is free and open to any B.A.S.S. member who catches a ­largemouth bass weighing 10 pounds or more, a spotted bass weighing 5 pounds or more, or a smallmouth bass weighing 6 pounds or more, from Jan. 1, 2022, to the present. New Lunker Club members will receive an official certificate with holder and a gift pack.

Submit a lunker

Cal Starling 
Lake Glenville, North Carolina
1/8-ounce Googan Krackin’ Craw (Alabama craw)
Jack Crisler 
Kimberlin Ranch, Texas
Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper
Tyler Mimbs 
Private pond, Georgia
Googan Crawdad (watermelon)
John Barksdale Sr. 
Rodman Reservoir, Florida
Live bait (wild shiner)
Bruce Spain 
Cottage Grove Lake, Oregon
5-inch Senko, wacky rigged
Michael Powers 
Lake Glenville, North Carolina
DRT Klash 9 (Cali dream)
Connor Phillips
Lake Weatherford, Texas
Rebel 1/2-ounce popping lure (white)
Hal Pruitt 
Possum Kingdom, Texas
Berkley Grass Pig (white)