2005 May Lunker Club

Check out the newest additions to the Lunker Club from May 2005.

	Ed Brill</p>
	6 pounds</p>
	Lake Erie, Ohio</p>
	3.5-inch Strike King Goby Tube</p>
Ed Brill

6 pounds

Lake Erie, Ohio

3.5-inch Strike King Goby Tube

	<strong>David Chong</strong>
	7 pounds</p>
	Lake Simcoe, Ontario</p>
	1/4 ounce tube jig</p>
David Chong

7 pounds

Lake Simcoe, Ontario

1/4 ounce tube jig

	<strong>Roger Cicotte</strong></p>
	Mullet Lake, Mich.</p>
	1/8 ounce Shuberts tube jig (green pumkin)</p>
Roger Cicotte


Mullet Lake, Mich.

1/8 ounce Shuberts tube jig (green pumkin)

	<strong>Dennis Doty</strong>
	10.4 pounds</p>
	Lake Okeechobee, Fl.</p>
	6-inch rubber worm (junebug)</p>
Dennis Doty

10.4 pounds

Lake Okeechobee, Fl.

6-inch rubber worm (junebug)

	<strong>Fred L. Hirsch</strong>
	6.5 pounds</p>
	Loughborough Lake, Ontario</p>
	2-inchlive minnow</p>
Fred L. Hirsch

6.5 pounds

Loughborough Lake, Ontario

2-inchlive minnow

	<strong>Wayne Marquart</strong></p>
	6.2 pounds</p>
	Lake Raystown, Pa.</p>
	3/8 ounce jig with Zoom small chunck</p>
Wayne Marquart

6.2 pounds

Lake Raystown, Pa.

3/8 ounce jig with Zoom small chunck

	<strong>Jerry R. Miller</strong></p>
	11.4 pounds</p>
	Lake Fork, Tx.</p>
	10-inch Berkley Power Worm (grape, green flake)</p>
Jerry R. Miller

11.4 pounds

Lake Fork, Tx.

10-inch Berkley Power Worm (grape, green flake)

	<strong>Steven W. Mills</strong>
	14.4 pounds</p>
	Lake Ray Roberts, Tx.</p>
	1/2 ounce jig (black/black and blue crawl worm)</p>
Steven W. Mills

14.4 pounds

Lake Ray Roberts, Tx.

1/2 ounce jig (black/black and blue crawl worm)

	<strong>James Royalty</strong>
	11.12 pounds</p>
	Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Fl.</p>
	4 1/2-inch live shiner</p>
James Royalty

11.12 pounds

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Fl.

4 1/2-inch live shiner