Lunker Club

2005 January Lunker Club

Check out the newest additions to the Lunker Club from January 2005.

<p> 	<strong>Roger Bunting</strong></p> <p> 	15 pounds</p> <p> 	San Justo Reservoir, Ca.</p> <p> 	7-inch Yamamoto Senko(green pumkin/flake)</p>
Roger Bunting 15 pounds San Justo Reservoir, Ca. 7-inch Yamamoto Senko(green pumkin/flake)
<p> 	<strong>Logan Eller</strong></p> <p> 	10 pounds</p> <p> 	Lake Fork, Tx.</p> <p> 	1/8 ounce- Texas rigged tube (white)</p>
Logan Eller 10 pounds Lake Fork, Tx. 1/8 ounce- Texas rigged tube (white)
<p> 	<strong>Terrie Gordon</strong></p> <p> 	11.8 pounds</p> <p> 	Dwight's Pond, Miss.</p> <p> 	7.5-inch Culprit Tequila Shad</p>
Terrie Gordon 11.8 pounds Dwight's Pond, Miss. 7.5-inch Culprit Tequila Shad
<p> 	<strong>Jason Parsons</strong></p> <p> 	14 pounds</p> <p> 	Proctor Lake, Tx.</p> <p> 	200 Series LA Shad Crankbait</p>
Jason Parsons 14 pounds Proctor Lake, Tx. 200 Series LA Shad Crankbait
<p> 	<strong>Pater Lawson</strong></p> <p> 	10 pounds</p> <p> 	Lake El Salto, Mexico</p> <p> 	brush hog (watermelon)</p>
Pater Lawson 10 pounds Lake El Salto, Mexico brush hog (watermelon)
<p> 	<strong>Len Andrews</strong></p> <p> 	12.7 pounds</p> <p> 	Lake Fork, Tx</p> <p> 	1/8 ounce Texas rigged tube (white)</p>
Len Andrews 12.7 pounds Lake Fork, Tx 1/8 ounce Texas rigged tube (white)
<p> 	<strong>Nathan J. Aguinaga</strong></p> <p> 	10.12 pounds</p> <p> 	Stick Marsh/ Farm 13</p> <p> 	5-inch Zoom Super Fluke (watermelonseed)</p>
Nathan J. Aguinaga 10.12 pounds Stick Marsh/ Farm 13 5-inch Zoom Super Fluke (watermelonseed)
<p> 	<strong>Pat Jones</strong></p> <p> 	10 pounds</p> <p> 	California Delta, Ca.</p> <p> 	1/8 ounce Luhr Jensen crankbait (red delta craw)</p>
Pat Jones 10 pounds California Delta, Ca. 1/8 ounce Luhr Jensen crankbait (red delta craw)
<p> 	<strong>Jon Sheldon</strong></p> <p> 	10 pounds</p> <p> 	Lake Summit, Fl</p> <p> 	Lizard (junebug)</p>
Jon Sheldon 10 pounds Lake Summit, Fl Lizard (junebug)