Recharging my batteries in the outdoors

It seems like the offseason flies by faster and faster every year, but this is a crucial time of year for one big reason: recharging your batteries. And not the ones on your bass boat.

Everybody has a different way to hit the “reset” button between long, grueling tournament seasons. And while the offseason isn’t technically as “off” as some might think – sponsor contracts and obligations are a full-time job – the late fall/early winter time frame is a time to rest up and get yourself physically and mentally ready for the coming season.

My offseason this year has been extremely different than the previous year. Going into my first season on the Elites in 2016, I felt like I needed to spend more time doing research, fiddling with tackle, and just generally talking more about fishing than I had in the past. I studied a lot of maps and did a lot of reading.

But in looking back over the course of my career, some of my very best years have come when I’ve been extremely removed from fishing in the offseason (other than the business side of it).

So for me, this offseason has been about going back to the way it was before: I’ve spent a lot of time hunting and fun-fishing with friends.