Mike Iaconelli introduces new Ike LIVE format

June 1, 2023-Pittsgrove, NJ-Professional Edge Fishing is thrilled to announce the launch of Ike LIVE 2.0, a brand-new chapter in the history of our beloved fishing show & podcast. Get ready to dive into an exciting experience as we introduce a fresh format and exciting new guests.

This revamped version promises to take your fishing enthusiasm to new heights. Brace yourself for a captivating 1-on-1 in-studio setup, where our host, Mike Iaconelli, will engage in intriguing conversations with some of the biggest names in the fishing world.

Ike LIVE 2.0 aims to foster an intimate atmosphere that allows for deeper discussions and insights. By adopting this format, Mike is able to delve into the minds of the guests, unraveling their strategies, techniques, and personal experiences in the angling realm. Get ready to feel like you’re sitting right there in the studio, listening to the conversation firsthand. It’s a streamlined, impactful one hour format that is already getting rave reviews.

While we embark on this exciting new journey, we haven’t forgotten the elements that made Ike Live a fan favorite. Rest assured; we will be bringing back familiar faces from the old show. The charismatic Brian “The Carpenter” and “The Dean” & Stormtrooper will make appearances from time to time. The perfect blend of the old and the new awaits you!

The inaugural episode of Ike LIVE 2.0 features Ike and the 2023 Bassmaster Classic Champion “Gussy” Gustafson! Prepare to be captivated as he shares his Bassmaster Classic journey, highlights, and secrets behind his success. Watch here Ike LIVE 2.0 Episode 1 Gustafson and witness the incredible connection between Gussy and Mike Iaconelli. Despite being champions of the prestigious Bassmaster Classic two decades apart, their shared passion for bass fishing and competition unites them. Witness the meeting of two fishing champions, as they explore the similarities and differences of their journeys to Classic victory.

Episode 2 of Ike LIVE 2.0 features an inspiring interview with Mark Menendez, a longtime angler on the Bassmaster Elite Series.  Mark shares his fishing strategies at Lay Lake as well as personal challenges he’s overcome that now motivate him to keep competing and teaching the next generation of anglers how to do the same. You can watch here Ike LIVE 2.0 Episode 2 Menendez. Episode 3 of Ike LIVE 2.0 with Bernie Schultz will air on Monday, June 5th.  Ike will explore Schultz’s professional success as well as his varied interests and talents well outside of fishing.

You can watch the podcast on the Ike LIVEand Mike Iaconelli websites and listen wherever you find your podcasts.

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