Bro Series: Robbie and Logan Latuso

Robbie and Logan Latuso

Robbie Latuso wants nothing more than for his son to join him on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Making that dream come true has not been easy for the anglers from Gonzales, La. For the second time in recent history that mutual goal will have to wait yet another season. That makes it easy to understand why the bond between this father and son bass fishing duo is stronger than ever. 

Pros qualify for the Elite Series through the Bassmaster Opens. Logan Latuso, then 23, fished the 2016 Opens as a boater and missed the cut by just one point. That same year his dad qualified and moved on up. In 2019, Logan came painfully close again after another near miss. 

This otherwise gloomy story is certainly destined for a happy ending. As a teenager Logan partnered with his dad at area tournaments, also honing his skills by fishing the ultra-competitive B.A.S.S. Nation tournaments with the Ascension Area Bass Anglers. He began traveling with his father to the Opens in 2014 while fishing as a co-angler. Success came early and frequent. Two years later he switched to the front of the boat and hasn’t looked back.

Here is more about perseverance, tough love between a father and son, and how the Latuso duo works together to someday, and soon, make their Elite dream a reality.

How difficult has Logan missing the cut been on you both?

Logan: It was tough and especially the second time. To finish sixth this time, it really hurt.

Robbie: It’s been pretty hard. I can tell by the way he’s acting. He’s taken it pretty tough this time.

How have you persevered through it all?

Logan: I am keeping busy getting ready for next season. I’ll focus a little harder, do things better.

Robbie: He’s such a good fisherman. He’s going to get through it and bounce right back.

What role did the B.A.S.S. Nation play in taking your games to the next level?

Logan: It helped me be more versatile and gave me the confidence of knowing when to move up to the Opens. I still fish the club events to remain competitive. 

Robbie: It was my first goal. I finally went on to win a state championship. I had to win that state championship first to know it was a good time to move up to the Opens. What the Nation did for me was, at the regionals, it helped me learn to compete on unfamiliar bodies of water. That made me a much more versatile angler. I think I made seven or eight of the regionals. 

How do you work together? 

Logan: He’s someone I can trust. If he tells me something about a pattern or bait, I know it’s true. He’s my dad, but it’s really important to have that trust factor. We kind of point each other in the right direction and help each other the best we can. 

Robbie: We are totally open and honest with each other. We compare notes at the end of the day. It helps us finish higher in the standings than to just being going at it alone.

What makes him a competitor? 

Logan: He’s all work, very much pays attention to detail. Like me. I guess that’s where I get my competitive drive from. 

Robbie: He’s always had a competitive drive. When he was little and we went on trips he’d sleep all the way to the lake, fish all day, and sleep all the way home. He never gave up even when we didn’t get a bite. He was even casting when we were putting the boat on the trailer.

What’s he like without the game face?

Logan: He’s a fun and laid-back person. He goes with the flow. 

Robbie: He’s very likeable. Everyone likes Logan. He’s easy to get to know. He’s very humble.

What do you admire about him?

Logan: He’s like a best friend to me. We get along really well on and off the water. We do a lot of hunting together. We socialize like best friends. 

Robbie: Everything. He’s my son, and it’s hard to pick out one thing. He’s just a class act

What have you learned about each other in this journey to the top?

Logan: I learned I can trust him like nobody else. He’s shown me everything I know about the sport. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Robbie: We are both competitive. We try and beat each other, but at the end of the day we are still a father and son. Best friends.