Lake Murray Day One quotable

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Anglers talked tough, reminisced and discussed what it will take on Lake Murray after Day One of the Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash: 

“Tough, tough, tough I tell you.” 

– Pat Golden

“It was a challenge all day today.”

 – Dean Rojas

“I’ve several schools located with fish in them from 3 to 4-pounds, I just have to figure out how to catch them.”

– Jason Williamson

“I’ve got a lot of good memories out there.”

– Davy Hite on fishing Lake Murray, his home lake.

“I’ve only got a 2-hour window in the morning to get it done.”

 – Rick Clunn

“These fish are highly pressured and hard to catch right now.”

– Kevin VanDam

“If this was a striper tournament I’d be leading right now.”

– Matt Greenblatt

“About 10 o’clock today I wanted to take a knee.”  

– Keith Combs

“This is why you listen to Trip Weldon (B.A.S.S. Tournament Director) during the anglers meeting. It’s a 12-inch minimum length limit out there and I was fishing a 14-inch length limit today.”

– Boyd Duckett

“The guy that figures out how to catch them when the clouds go away will win this tournament.”  

– Mike Iaconelli

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