Young angler lands sponsorship

Meet Gunnar Ingram, a young angler who has landed a sponsorship while still in elementary school.
This is Gunnar’s bedroom where he spends a lot of time when he is not in school — especially when the weather is bad outside.
He reads, looks at fishing magazines, watches fishing on YouTube and practices casting off his bed as if it were a boat.
His room is filled with fish of all shapes and species…
…as well as other pictures and decorations that reveal his favorite pastime.
This jersey was a gift from Bill Carson — Gunnar calls him Mr. Bill — and the jersey is his most prized possession.  
It is so special that even when he is told to go put a sweater on, he chooses his jersey instead.
Gunnar started fishing the neighbor’s pond when he was 16 months old.
It is his everyday place to fish, and it is loaded with largemouth bass and bluegill.
The pond is about 3 acres, so there’s plenty of space for great family time…
…and the time allows Gunnar to practice casting.
Gunnar and his parents regularly have family lunches at the pond.
Gunnar and his dad also go to this boat ramp about twice a month. The family boat is equipped with electronics.
Gunnar flips through the screen at the dock. 
Gunnar and his dad regularly fish for spots and stripers.  
The ramp is about five minutes away from the family’s house on Lake Lanier.
Out on the water, Gunnar’s casting practice pays off.
Mom helps boat the catch.
Back in the water it goes.
Mom’s there to lend a helping hand while Gunnar chunks and winds.
Gunnar has his favorite lure in all genres, but this broken-back style lure from Rapala is by far his favorite crankbait.
It is also the bait he caught the spotted bass on during the visit to Lake Lanier.
He caught that fish in less than 15 minutes for the camera.
Now it’s time for some baitcaster practice with dad.
Concentration shows on Gunnar’s face.
Mom steps in with some encouragement for the young angler.
Another day of family fishing winds down.
The family talks about their day that centered on catching bass.
Bill Carson made Gunnar a junior pro staffer with Johnson Outdoors.
The company supplies Gunnar with clothes, stickers, units and a trolling motor.
The young sponsored angler is back at home…
…surrounded by fish once again.