Lighten up this year


Ish Monroe

I’m all about tackle. I love it. It gives me great pleasure to look at it, hold it up to the light and show it to my friends. It’s almost sensual to play with it.

But the truth is that I have too much of it. I carry stuff I don’t need and will never use. This year will be different. I’m organizing everything and leaving behind a huge portion of what I own and usually carry with me.

Example: When I started this project I ran across a whole bunch of finesse worms, the short and thin type. Now, they’re great worms, made by one of the best manufacturers in the industry. They will catch bass. They are not, however, something I’ll ever use in a tournament. I’m not a light tackle, finesse kind of angler. I go with (and for) the big ones. That’s the world in which I live.

So why are they in my truck? I have no idea other than once upon a time I probably decided that someday, somewhere I might need one. That didn’t happen, and I knew it wouldn’t happen when I put them in my truck.

I took a number of photos for this column. Let’s talk about what they show.

This was my starting point. Tell me, how can anybody fish efficiently with that? They can’t. Even if you did need something you wouldn’t be able to find it.