Kyle’s favorites from ICAST

The 2022 ICAST show was my second ICAST to attend, and I have looked forward to this event since leaving the event last year. As a long-time bass angler, and former manager of a widely known tackle shop in Central Arkansas, fishing tackle has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I snapped a few photos of the gear that I was most excited about from this year's ICAST show in Orlando, Fla.
ARK Outlaw Topwater
I'm a sucker for a new topwater bait, and the new ARK Outlaw seems to check all the boxes. Elite Series pro Wes Logan explained that the combination of the material and the knocker makes the bait extremely loud, similar to baits that have been previously discontinued.
YUM FF Sonar Minnow
Ever since Jason Christie won his first Bassmaster Classic back in March, I've been anxious to finally see this secret weapon that he was using to trigger those deep spotted bass to bite. The YUM FF Sonar Minnow is the right size to use on a jighead, like Christie did at the Classic, or even use as a drop-shot bait. The FF Sonar Minnow is available some really good looking colors as well.
Rapala Ott's Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait
Rapala's OG Series of crankbaits has been hit over the last few years, and for good reason – they catch 'em. The newest member to the family, the Rocco 5, is a more traditional balsa style squarebill that has a round body which allows the bait to come through heavy cover.
13 Fishing Meta Series Rods
If there's one thing I know to be true about the 13 Fishing Meta Series Rod and Inception G2 Casting reel, it's that Gerald Swindle has poured a tremendous amount of effort into developing these products over the last couple of years. The Meta Series of rods is available in 11 casting models and three spinning models. The Inception G2 Casting Reel is available in three gear ratios in both left- and right-handed models.
Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock
Although we got a sneak peak of the Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock adapter before and during the Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence, I'm still pretty high on this item.
Strike King Rage Scounbug
As a "flipper" I'm always excited for new flipping baits or jig trailers, and that's exactly what the new Strike King Scounbug can be. This versatile craw-style bait has the incorporated Rage pinchers that have been so popular for so long, in a body that is much more compact.
Shimano Arma Joint 190SF
When it comes to throwing big baits, we hear the term "drawing power" used a lot, and the Shimano Arma Joint has just that. This jointed swimbait has Shimano's FLASH BOOST technology, which creates a lifelike shimmy within the bait at all times.
Fenwick Elite Bass Series Rods
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a 7-foot Medium Heavy Fast Action Fenwick Elite Bass Casting Rod a couple of weeks before ICAST, and I was thoroughly impressed. After checking out a variety of the other models, it's safe to say I'll be trying to add to the arsenal.
SPOR CJ Smasher
After covering the Johnston brothers in the 2021 Bassmaster Open at 1,000 Islands, I have been looking forward to finally seeing their top-secret bait that they weren't able to show anyone back in September. After talking with Chris Johnston, I can understand why they were trying to keep it on the down low. A lot of work went in behind the scenes to make this bait special.
SPRO Outsider Crankbaits
Whenever a crankbait gets the stamp of approval from Elite Series pro John Crews, I tend to pay attention. The SPRO Outsider Crankbaits come in three sizes that cover three different depth ranges.
Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jig
The Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jig was a bait I was looking forward to getting my hands on. The Slobberknocker won Best of Category for Freshwater Hard Lure.
St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rod with GRASP Reel Seat
I'm sure I had the same reaction to St. Croix's new GRASP Reel Seat, but after feeling it in person with a reel on the rod, I was incredibly impressed. Coming from someone who throws an Alabama Rig a lot in the winter, this new concept of rod will reduce the stress and fatigue in your wrist and forearms when throwing big baits.
Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Crank
The Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Cranks weren't really on my radar before seeing them, but these crankbaits are the real deal. As Clent Davis mentioned, it's getting harder and harder to trick a bass, and things are trending towards a smaller profile bait. The 3DR-X Cranks are available in a number of eye-catching colors.
Abu Garcia Pro Series Rods
Using input from Hank Cherry, Hunter Shryock, John Cox, Shane LeHew and others, Abu Garcia has developed an entire series of rods that are devoted to technique specific actions that have the stamp of approval from the pros themselves.
Berkley Power Blade Spinnerbaits
Berkley wasn't done after releasing the new Slobberknocker Vibrating Jig. They also released an entire series of spinnerbaits called the Berkley Power Blade Spinnerbaits that cover a wide range of sizes, colors and blade configurations.
Mustad BLF Instinct Elite Rods
Elite Series pro Brandon Lester has experienced an abundance of success during the 2022 season, and I'd have to believe it has something to do with his new series of Mustad BLF Instinct Elite Rods. This is the first opportunity I've had to put my hands on the new series, and it definitely passed the visual test!
Shimano Curado 200DC Casting Reel
Coming from someone who has plenty of experience with the Curado 200K and the Curado 150DC, it seems like a homerun to combine the two and create the Curado 200DC. The DC technology with the bigger frame/spool of the 200 will make for a killer reel to make long casts with bigger baits.
SPRO KGB Chad Shad 180 Glide Bait
As an Arkansas Native, I've long known about he KGB Swimbaits that are handmade in Northern Arkansas, which is why I was so excited to see that SPRO had partnered with KGB to create a bait that is going to be produced at a larger level.
Missile Baits Chunky D
The Chunky D from Missile Baits is going to be an extremely versatile bait that is going to cover a wide variety of techniques. Flipping the pitching bait will be dynamite, but it will also be a great option as a jig trailer.
Z-Man HellraiZer
Of all the new products at ICAST, the Z-Man HellraiZer may be the most eye-catching of all of them. This unique bait is going to give bass a different look and action than other topwaters on the market.
Daiwa Tatula 80 Casting Reel
The new Daiwa Tatula 80 is another product that I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on prior to ICAST, and it has quickly become one of my favorite casting reels. The Tatula 80 is extremely comfortable in the hands and makes quick adjustments a breeze on the water.
Abu Garcia Revo Reels (Reimagined)
An Abu Garcia Revo S was the first low-profile casting reel I got when I was 12 years old (14 years ago) or so and it still works like the day I got it, which always makes me excited to see the new models when they come out. All of the new Revo casting reels felt amazing and looked great as well.
Simms SolarFlex Guide Cooling Hoody
The Simms SolarFlex Guide Cooling Hoody won the Best of Category for Warm Weather Technical Apparel. This performance shirt delivers maximum protection from the sun.
AFTCO Ankle Deck Boot
Winner of the Best of Category for Footwear, the AFTCO Ankle Deck Boot got my attention during the New Product Showcase.
Gary Yamamoto New Shapes
Yamamoto added a few new shapes and sizes, but the larger version of the Shad Shape Worm and the new Speed Senko are the two baits that caught my eye.