Daily Limit: Zona returns for LIVE


Mike Suchan

Mark Zona, who announced his partnership with Diawa at ICAST, will be back in the studio for Bassmaster LIVE in the next two events.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Invariably, during every Bassmaster LIVE, a viewer asks on Facebook or Twitter, “Where’s Zona?”

Seen alongside fellow Bassmaster TV host Tommy Sanders for years, Zona scaled back just a touch from a harried schedule. Besides taping “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show,” working on Bassmaster LIVE and Bassmaster TV for the Classic and each Elite and hosting "The Bass Pros" TV show for Bass Pro Shops, he added Zona LIVE this year.

While playing small parts in LIVE coverage in the first half of the Elite schedule, Zona is back as the Elites end their six-week summer break and head north for the remainder of the schedule. He’ll be there when LIVE launches on Day 2 of the Huk Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence presented by Go RVing next Friday.

“I get back in studio this next week,” Zona said. “The St. Lawrence River will be very interesting. I just taped two Zona shows up there. I think I got a clue what’s going on.

“Then I’ll cover the Lake Champlain in studio and Lake St. Clair from the event. Then, the next Zona LIVE will be with Jordan Lee. I’m not going to tell you where.”

Zona has explained that much more needs to be considered when preparing for a live fishing event rather than his regular show, which allows for audibles. The window and fishery has to be timed perfectly, which happened with Greg Hackney at Grosse Savanne in Louisiana and with Kevin VanDam at a lake near his home.

The show with the reigning Bassmaster Classic champ will be within two to four hours of Zona’s home, and he pinned it down to either smallmouth or largemouth. He also knows what he wants to learn about Jordan Lee.

“I want to find out if he just walks around ICAST and his home with a backpack full of money,” Zona said. “Not only that, I’d like to talk to him about getting married.”