5 favorites: Hackney’s go-to flipping baits

There’s really no question that Greg Hackney is right near the top of the list when it comes to best flippers in the history of the sport.
The Louisiana pro is deadly across the entire country with a big rod, big line and a flipping bait in his hands.
With that being said, Hackney has a rotation of baits that he likes to turn to in different situations.
Let’s get into his five favorite flipping baits and when he goes to each one.
1. Strike King Hack Attack Jig paired with a Strike King Rage Craw
“There’s never a bad time to flip a jig – it’s a year-round bait,” he said. “Before the spawn, after the spawn, summertime or heavy cover. A jig is a really efficient bait, and you typically catch everything that bites it – it’s a high-confidence bait for catching big fish for me personally.”
2. Strike King Rodent
“Typically the deal with the Rodent is heavy vegetation and colder water,” Hackney said. “I really like the Rodent when I know I’m around bigger fish, places like California, Florida and Texas. I’ve caught more 10-pounders flipping a Rodent than any other bait – it’s the perfect crawfish imitator.”
3. Strike King Rage Bug
“When you don’t know what to use, the Rage Bug is the deal because it just gets bites,” said Hackney. “I typically start using this bait when the water warms up and actually get on the nest. The cool thing about the Rage Bug is that it has so much action you have the ability to swim the bait, and you’ll end up getting a lot of bites that way when the fish are aggressive.”
4. Strike King Rage Punch Bug
“The name says it all – I use the Punch Bug when I’m punching,” he said. “This bait has the right profile for punching, and it holds an extremely large hook. I like to pair it with my 6/0 Hack Attack Flipping Hook which I feel like is a huge key for catching big fish under matted vegetation.”
5. Strike King Coffee Tube
“I’m a big fan of the Coffee Tube because of the scent,” Hackney said. “The big thing for me with the tube is fishing it in tough conditions – late in the year you fish have seen everything because of the fishing pressure, but you can rig the tube up on a light weight and go behind people to get bites.”