The second prespawn


Steve Bowman

Now — and I mean right now, today — is what I call the second prespawn. In most of our country water temperatures are dropping, but they’re not yet cold. The bass are moving up shallow, they’re biting good and they can be caught on just about anything. 

Darn near as good, there’s almost no one on the water because most outdoor types are out deer hunting. I did some filming just before Thanksgiving not too awful far from my house. The weather was perfect. As I was driving I passed one of the best bass lakes in Louisiana. There wasn’t a boat on it. I’m an avid deer hunter so I understand what happens in the fall, but I also say a lot of anglers are missing out on some really good times.

Here’s the deal about my day: 

The water temperature was 62 degrees in the morning. The air was a little cool but nothing you couldn’t handle with a heavy jacket. By the afternoon a thin, long sleeve shirt was plenty. The bass were biting like crazy. I wanted to catch them on a Strike King Hack Attack Jig so that’s what I used. But, I could have caught just as many on a spinnerbait, a jerkbait, a topwater plug or even a drop shot. All I would have had to do was move around a little.

There weren’t any other anglers around to watch us or crowd out our places. Basically, we had the whole lake to ourselves. I don’t complain about other guys fishing. We all have the same rights. But I also don’t complain when I’m alone. You know what I’m sayin?

The second prespawn was my favorite time to bass fish before I started fishing so much as a professional and before I got into deer hunting as deep as I am these days. It was a really enjoyable time to be out on the water.

The thing is about this is that it’s not just a good time for serious anglers with a lot of skills. It’s just as good for an average angler. He or she can go out and catch bass when conditions are next to perfect. Now’s also the time to take someone out and introduce them to fishing or to teach them how to do it.

Who want’s to struggle with the heat in July and August or the cold of January and February? OK, maybe those of us who are hardcore will do that. We go for the challenge. But we’re a small group. Most anglers want to be comfortable while they’re catching fish. Fall weather is as good or better than spring weather for that.  

Another thing is what I mentioned before about all the lures that’ll work. You don’t have to have hundreds of them in your boat, or spend a small fortune at the tackle shop, to enjoy the sport the way we addicts enjoy it. Tie on what you already have. You’ll catch ‘em. 

I can’t think of anything better than good weather, peace and quiet and lots and lots of bass. If you’re going to take advantage of it, though, you’d better get going. The weatherman says it’s going to get cold in the next 10 days or so. Things will change if that happens. 

Next time we’re going to talk about why you should fish the better lakes as much as possible, and it isn’t just because you can catch more bass.