Cloudland Canyon Photo Tour

These pictures will take you through beautiful Cloudland Canyon.

Cloudland Canyon State Park is an amazing place towering over Trenton, Ga. The canyon is a 1,000-foot-deep cleft in the mountain that features hiking trails ranging from moderate to strenuous challenges. It’s a great place for a day trip or a multi-day camping trip. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Begin your trip by stopping at one of the overlooks and enjoying a beautiful view of the canyon and the landscape beyond. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The descent into Cloudland Canyon is not for the faint of heart. The trail down the cliff face is well maintained but includes 600 steps. It’s a strenuous hike, but fortunately includes frequent resting platforms. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Cloudland Canyon State Park is home to two major waterfalls. This one, Cherokee Falls, is 60 feet tall and is the first one to be enjoyed on the descent into the canyon. The hike to Cherokee Falls is about a half mile, and it is fairly strenuous. However, the side trail to Cherokee takes you right to the edge of the pool, and it’s just an amazing place to take a break halfway down the face of the canyon. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Hemlock Falls, the second major waterfall, is another half mile down an even more strenuous trail. Daniel Creek spills over the ledge to fall more than 60 feet into the pool below. Reaching this wonderful waterfall is the reward for trudging 600 steps down the canyon wall, and you’ll want to take a few moments to catch your breath and rejuvenate while enjoying the view. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Hemlock Falls can be safely viewed from an elevated platform. It is such a soothing experience to stand and watch as Daniel Creek cascades into the pool more than 60 feet below. (Andy Crawford Photography)


After enjoying Hemlock Falls and resting up from the 600 steps into the canyon, the trail continues on to cross Daniel Creek via a bridge. Below that is the first of an unnamed waterfall that pours down a ledge. Reaching the bottom of this gorgeous falls can be tricky, so care is required. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Once past the bridge, a well-maintained foot trail snakes along the canyon floor along Daniel Creek. The trail eventually leads out of Cloudland Canyon at Trenton, Ga., and is a delightful hike. The trail does vary from moderate to strenous, but flattens the farther down the trail one walks. (Andy Crawford Photography)


This is one of my personal favorite waterfalls along Daniel Creek. The unnamed falls is located just downstream of the bridge, and the creek only tumbles about 8 feet down the ledge. However, I simply love the tiered effect of the waterfall. Reaching this cascade is fairly easy from the main trail. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Daniel Creek wends its way through Cloudland Canyon, forming the various waterfalls. Water flow varies throughout the year, with winter and early spring being the optimal times to see the creek and its waterfalls with maximum flow. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The hike along Daniel Creek will reveal more minor cascades, each one a delight to the eyes no matter how large or small. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a snack or two. Or enjoy a picnic lunch at one of these beautiful locations. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The ascent up the canyon begins at the bridge with a well-maintained wooden walkway. This is a strenous hike, so take your time. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The stairway up includes 600 steps, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Park rangers maintain the trail extremely well, but it doesn’t take long for your legs to show effects of the exertion. It’s imperative to have water to drink on the way upwards, especially during the warmer months. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The difficult ascent out of the canyon includes plaforms that are welcome respites from the hike. You’ll want to take advantage of them, stopping to drink some water and rest before continuing the upward hike. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Cloudland Canyon State Park includes numerous camping opportunities. There are 72 tent, trailer and RV campsites in two loops, along with walk-in, pioneer and backcountry campsites. Be certain call before arriving to ensure there are available campsites. (Andy Crawford Photography)


Campers have access to bath houses at each East and West Rim Loops. (Andy Crawford Photography)


You can even pack light, washing and drying clothes in the laundry area at the bathhouses. (Andy Crawford Photography)


For those who aren’t up to camping, the park also offers 16 cottages and 10 yurts. These are wonderful ways to have access to the park’s trails and sights while enjoyng a family getaway. (Andy Crawford Photography)


The main overlook near the West Rim Loop is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the canyon. (Andy Crawford Photography) Prints of these beautiful photos are available in various sizes and media, including archival prints, acrylic prints, canvas gallery wraps and metal prints at