Gear Up: Ruffwear Float Coat

The Ruffwear Float Coat is a personal flotation device (PFD) for your puppers. 

What sets it apart? 

The shape and design of the Float Coat is engineered for a dog’s frame. It’s adjustable in several places and wraps fully around your dog’s body adding extra support and comfort. There’s a place to clip a leash and a hand grip for you to easily pull your dog out of the water if you need to. The materials are also super sturdy. 

How do I use it?

Anytime you’re going on the water, strap your furry friend in the Float Coat. Most dogs are natural swimmers and you may think they don’t need a flotation device, but if you go paddling on moving waters or boating, the Float Coat is so nice to have. If your dog jumps off your kayak or paddle board to float down a few shoals (yes, this happens to us) this PFD protects them from the rocks. And when it’s time to pull your dog back on the boat, the hand grip makes it so much easier to pull them back up. 

How much?


Jessalyn’s insight:

Our Pepper is a rescue Labrador. The first sight of water and she’s going in. Using a life jacket on her has really given us peace of mind when she jumps off the pontoon boat in the middle of the lake to swim or when she decides to body surf a few light rapids. Also, dogs have signs to express their feelings and Pepper gets very confident on our paddling adventures in her Float Coat. She starts panting with excitement and all but puts it on herself these days. 

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