Gear Up: Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife

(Justin Broulliard)

Rapala has been making quality fillet knives for a very long time.

What sets it apart?

In addition to the original wood-handle fillet knife that basically “taught the world how to fillet,” they also offer knives with soft handles and laminates as well as saltwater and folding versions. Most of the knives offer varying lengths and each sports a strong, sharp, flexible blade. The soft grip adds an extra level of comfort and stability and the large finger guard provides an extra level of safety.

(Justin Broulliard)

How do I use it?

The Rapala Soft Grip knife is available in four different sizes — 4-inch, 6-inch, 7.5-inch and 9-inch — and is sure to fit your outdoor needs. Made from hand-ground stainless steel, the knife features a finger safety guard, a textured finish grip and a progressive double taper blade, even the toughest of skin is no match for its strength and directional stability. The lower section of the blade is sturdy and sharp to tackle bone structure while the soft flexible tip makes working with delicate fillets a simple task.

How much?

$15.79/4-inch, $20.49/6-inch, and $20.49/7.5-inch, and $28.37/9-inch

Jimmy’s insight:

I’ve been using Rapala fillet knives ever since I can remember and not just for filleting all kinds of fresh and saltwater fish. They easily serve double duty as a boning knife in the field and kitchen. It’s also a good knife to keep around the camp for everything from cutting cord to slicing a grilled cheese. These knives are easy to sharpen and keep a good edge throughout heavy use. Also, the price makes them a very solid purchase which, with a little care, you will have for a long time. The purchase price includes a sheath with belt loop and a single-stage sharpener.

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