Gear Up: Pull Start Firestarter

The Pull Start Firestarter is a guaranteed way to start any fire you may need.

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(Justin Broulliard)

What sets it apart?
Whether you are at home, at camp, in the backyard or on a hike, being able to quickly start a fire is a necessity. In some survival situations, a fire may be the difference in being able to heat up a meal or even staying alive. The Pull Start Firestarter will start a blaze every time and will burn for around 30 minutes, which gives you time to get a good fire going anywhere.

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(Justin Broulliard)

How do I use it?
To use the Pull Start Firestarter, simply hook the loop around a piece of wood, set up the kindling and fuelwood around it and pull. That’s all. There are no matches or lighters required, and it will even light if it gets wet. Wind and rain won’t stop your fire, and it only weighs four ounces, which is easy to carry on a long hike or throw in a backpack or boat, just in case.

How much?

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(Justin Broulliard)

Justin’s insight:
When food is on the line, don’t let the fire be the reason your meal doesn’t turn out the way you want it. For fun or for business, you have to have a solid fire regardless of the situation. Anywhere from the home fireplace to the campsite, this fire starter will light every time. We put the Pull Start Firestarter to the test without any kindling and the fuelwood was wet with fresh snowfall. Without knowing what to expect, we had a fire roaring in a matter of minutes.

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