Gear Up: Magellan Heavy Duty Camp Grill/Griddle

What is it?

Nothing beats a meal cooked over an open flame. Whether you’re parking an RV or pitching a tent, the Magellan Heavy Duty Camp Grill/Griddle  will jazz up your meal and bring a rustic touch to any camping trip. The ease of use, from unpacking to cleanup, makes this an awesome alternative to more modern camp stoves and eliminates the need and expense of purchasing those pesky gas cylinders. This is one staple that comes with us on all of our adventures, and we’ve yet to find a firepit that doesn’t work with this combo grill. 

(Photo: Candace Henderson)

What sets it apart?

The folding legs of the Magellan Heavy Duty Camp Grill/Griddle make it highly portable. It can fold almost flat, allowing it to fit easily into any trunk or compartment. The 24- by 16-inch dual iron surface makes cooking virtually anything possible. The grill portion is perfect for anything that would otherwise be cooked on a charcoal or gas grill — hot dogs, burgers, ribs, chicken, etc. — while the skillet side is an added bonus that is perfect for foods like pancakes, hash browns, eggs and anything else that could also be made in a skillet at home. Don’t fret if you’re planning on popping open a can of good, old-fashioned Dinty Moore beef stew — it also works as a great base for cooking with cast iron!

(Photo: Candace Henderson)

How do I use it?

Cooking over a fire doesn’t get much easier! Simply fold the legs down and place the Magellan Heavy Duty Camp Grill/Griddle over an open flame. Both charcoal and firewood will make sufficient tinder; however, using firewood will ensure that your meal showcases the bold, smoky flavor that one would expect out of a campsite meal. Adding a small amount of oil to the skillet side will ensure a nonstick cooking surface. Remove from heat and allow to cool before cleaning the cooking surface. Remember, this is iron, so be sure to dry thoroughly between uses to prevent rusting.

(Photo: Candace Henderson)

How much?


Expert insight:

Years ago, I had a large, plastic storage box that always came with us on our camping trips. It had a camp stove, gas cylinders, a few pots and pans, sponges, dish soap, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it worked, but it also took up a lot of space and time, and it just wasn’t that fun having to constantly wash pots and pans at the campground. The first time I used our griddle, I was in love. It’s so simple, but it completely eliminated the need to haul around my bulky camping box. Our camp stove is in the garage collecting dust because our griddle combo comes with us everywhere, no matter if we’re staying in our camper or parking our boat on a riverbank. It’s lightweight, packs away easily and is much easier to use than some of the other options out there. It’s not only very affordable, it’s very durable as well, which are two things that usually don’t come hand in hand. We’ve definitely put it to the test, and it’s passed with flying colors. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to cook outdoors on their next adventure! 

(Photo: Candace Henderson)

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