Gear Up: Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crates are high-quality, custom crates made in the USA. These dog crates are available in three models that can be ordered in a variety of sizes and colors.

What sets it apart?
Impact Dog Crates are made to last! With a lifetime warranty, these crates will be the only ones you’ll ever need. They are constructed with space-grade aluminum, powder coatings and steel hinges, and are welded into a single piece. Each crate is rust-proof and can be used indoors or outdoors.

How do you use it?
Impact Dog Crates can be used for training, traveling, sleeping and lounging. Once you determine which crate is best for your dog, select the size and color. The color options are great and can really add personality to any room or area where the crate is placed. All the crates, except the collapsible model, come fully assembled, so they are ready to use upon arrival.

How Much:
$499 – $1,400

Adventurtunity Family insight:
Impact Dog Crates are certainly an investment, but worth every penny! We wondered if adding a golden retriever puppy to the mix while traveling the country full time might not have been the smartest decision when it came to space. But thanks to these collapsible crates, we have made the space work out better than we imagined. A collapsible crate was imperative for us because when we travel, our motorhome slides come in and there would be zero room for a full-size crate. In addition to that, we also stay at pet-friendly hotels and resorts throughout the year where we would need to bring the crate along with us. Our pup’s Impact Dog Crate is relatively light for as beefy as it looks. The assembly is very quick and easy, and it cleans up great. The company also offers a bunch of accessories, such as padded mats, puppy doors and fans. We even got its minimalist dog bowl set, which happens to fit perfectly under our kitchenette area. We highly recommend these crates, and our pup does, too! He has been sleeping in there perfectly since the first night we brought him home.

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