Gear Review: Z-Man Micro Multispecies Baits

Micro Multispecies Baits Meld Endurance with Next-Level Action. Photo courtesy of Z-Man

What it is?

Z-Man Micro Multispecies baits

What sets it apart?

The Z-Man Micro Multispecies Baits combine proven fish-catching plastic molds with their renowned ElaZtech plastic to maximize the fish catches per bait. The new additions to the Micro Multispecies Bait line features the 2” Baby BallerZ and the 1.75” Micro GOAT along with a matching Micro Shad HeadZ offered in 1/32- (#6 hook), 1/16- (#4), 1/8- (#4) and 3/16-ounce (#2) sizes in chip-resistant Pink Glow, Glow White, Black and Chartreuse.

How do I use it?

The Micro Multispecies line is designed to target panfish such as crappie, bluegill, perch and trout. The new additions are designed to offer new profiles to an already strong lineup of baits. The 2” Baby BallerZ rigged on the Micro Shad HeadZ is perfect for vertically dropping on fish with its minnow-style profile. The 1.75” Micro GOAT can be rigged flat or vertically making it extremely versatile. The kicking legs offer lots of action making it perfect for casting, drifting, or trolling. Both profiles are offered with eight baits in each package. 

How much?

2” Baby BallerZ and 1.75” Micro GOAT – $4.99

More information:

Angler’s insight:

Z-Man has consistently impressed me with the baits they produce. I am a huge fan of their traditional soft plastics so this addition to their multi-species line caught my attention. What stands out the most in this line is their ability to offer new bait profiles in a smaller size that fish haven’t yet seen. 

Z-Man has extended their ElaZTech technology to Micro-sized baits, allowing them to withstand multiple fish catches, beyond that of traditional soft-plastics. This means less money you have to spend buying new baits and more time catching fish.