Gear review: Astral YTV Life Jacket

The Astral YTV Life Jacket is one of the company’s best sellers, and for good reason. (Photo: Adventurtunity Family)

What is it?

Astral builds world-class products for active wilderness athletes who care about the environment just as much as the materials used to make their products. In 2002, Astral launched four life jackets made from alternative materials to the then-industry standard PVC foam, utilizing recyclable polyethylene, phthalate-free NBR, air and organic kapok to pioneer a new type of life jacket.  A few years later, the entire PFD market followed suit, eliminating the use of toxic PVC. Fast-forward to today and Astral is one of the leading PFD brands that offer sustainable products with superior performance. 

What sets it apart?

The Astral YTV Life Jacket is one of the company’s best sellers, and for good reason. It’s specifically designed to give each adventurer tons of mobility when paddling, rowing, fishing or rafting. With its featherlight construction, you barely know you have it on. Additional benefits include two front zipper pockets, a quick-access knife tab in case of emergencies and a USCG Type V rating, so it can be used for all of your water adventures. Once you are at the water, secure the vest with the torso lock and head out on your adventures!

How do I use it? 

When ordering, be sure to take accurate chest measurements to ensure you select the correct size. Upon receiving your Astral YTV Life Jacket, be sure to try it on and adjust as needed prior to heading to the water. Depending on how adventurous you plan to be on the water, you may want to safely and securely place a knife in the quick-access knife tab for emergencies. And of course, you have to have a snack or two in the zippered pockets, along with maybe your keys, too!

How much?


(Photo: Adventurtunity Family)

Adventurtunity Family insight:

Since getting our inflatable paddle boards over a year ago, we have been in the market for good life jackets that offer us plenty of mobility for paddling. From time to time, we have also found ourselves kayaking and rafting, where we often borrow or use the life vests that come with the equipment. Knowing we would be on the water much more this summer, we decided it was finally time to get new life jackets. You would think it would be an easy task, but there are so many options out there within a variety of price points. We targeted life jackets that were specifically good for SUP, and then we found the Astral YTV with its Type V rating and we were sold. The large space around the arms and the upper torso design is key for SUP paddling, and it’s super lightweight, breathable and dries extremely well.

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